Cultivate No Hate: Apologies to the Bereaved Families of the Hostage Victims

Cultivate No Hate in Your Hearts, No One Wanted What Happened

Kim Chan, a Fashion Sales Associate, encouraging everyone not to cultivate hate. 

It was a tragic and heartbreaking event when a group of Chinese tourists were taken as hostage by an ex-cop and 9 were reportedly died of the incident. My heart goes out to the families who lost their loved ones because of the said unfortunate incident. I know my apologies (in behalf of millions of Filipinos around the world who feel bad and sad about the unfortunate hostage crisis) would not bring back the lives of those who died but I hope it would somehow lighten the burden. 

I know just how difficult it is to lost a love one. My father died when I was in second year high school. It was one of the most difficult times in my life as I struggled to accept the reality that he's never going back. However, death is something that we cannot avoid, it is something that we do not have control of. No matter where we are, even if we are just in our beds sleeping, we could lose our lives anytime, anytime if it really is time for us to bade this world goodbye.

Jackie Chan, a famous Hollywood star from Hongkong urges everyone not to worry, not to hate. May we give heed to his advice and follow his example.

Chinese People Reaction for Filipinos Who Took Photos After the Hostage Crisis

I do not tolerate what some Filipinos did after the incident. I regret that some of our wonderful Chinese friends feel insulted by what some of our countrymen and even policemen did after the tragic hostage crisis. I feel saddened that some of Filipinos seem to be oblivious of the effect of what just transpired. 

I, too, feel bad that no one among those who took photos, seem to care that 9 Chinese nationals died in some unfortunate event. 

However, there must be some cultural differences and misunderstanding here. We are not cruel, we are not apathetic, it's just that we seem to carry the burden with a much lighter and milder attitude. Believe it or not, most of us still smile and joke around amidst crisis (no wonder we didn't take the recession seriously because we think that we have long been in sea of recession with our country's economic situation). It's funny how I still managed to take a video of our apartment almost getting burned several months ago. It's just that we do not cry because it happened, we smile because it's over. Now I don't want getting misunderstood again. We feel bad about what happened, we apologize for a mistake that one of our countrymen committed, but I hope you understand that just like what happened in the Greyhound bus incident wherein a man was beheaded, we do not have control of the situation. We are just as enraged as you are when we see the gunman terrifying the passengers of the bus, so please do not cultivate hate. Again, my heart goes out to the families who were bereaved by the said incident.

A Canadian Citizen Apologizes in Behalf of the Filipinos

Below is a video of a Canadian national, Andrew Philip, who apologizes in behalf of the many Filipinos, who feel bad about what happened. Tragedy can happen anywhere because no country is perfect but rest assured that our government is doing all that it can, to avoid such an unfortunate incident in happening again. 

Please watch the video because Andrew gave voice to the feelings and thoughts that millions of Filipinos. We are deeply sorry about what happened but tragedy is part of life, and cultivating hate in our hearts because a single unfortunate incident will snatch us the liberty to live what we aspire, peaceful lives. The hostage drama crisis has already caused us so much trouble, worries and heartache, let us not add to it by cultivating hate in our hearts. 

Tragedy is a Part of Life, Let's Not Add to It by Cultivating Hate

Below is a video of how a man was beheaded on Greyhound Bus by an Asian. The incident caused terror in the hearts of the people who were in the same bus where the unfortunate event happened. But that didn't cause anger and put the blame on the government and anyone else, because life is full of tragedies and miseries that we sometimes do not have control of (no matter how much we want to). It is test of our character and how we respond to it.

"When you see a man of worth, think of how you may emulate him. When you see one who is unworthy, examine yourself. - Confucius"

An Advice to the Foreign Investors

Just as I have great hope for China and its neighboring countries, I have a great hope for the Philippines. Here's how an investor friend puts it:

Why invest in the Philippines?

There is still a big room for Growth.
There is a Big chunk of Foreign Currency earnings going back to the Philippines thru the OFWs.
There is a big chance to grow up, just lessen corruption and improve the economic policies.
A big number of Consumers and a huge reserve of qualified labor.
New Administration.

 A true investor shouldn't be deterred by a single incident but should look on the greater view of the horizon. 

Everything Happens for a Reason

I hope the tragic event would serve its greater purpose. That is to serve as a reminder to everyone to live our lives to the fullest by doing what we can to help our country, by not asking what it can give us but what we can do to help make it better. 

Crying over something that hurts us will leave us bitter. Smiling over something that makes us learn helps us feel better.

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