Surviving the Recession by Quitting Your Job

Your Job Is No Longer As Secured as You Thought It Is

The United States and the rest of the world hasn't recovered well from the global recession yet. Millions of people are still losing their jobs every day and the norm that your job is your greatest security no longer works. Even blue collar workers are not safe from getting laid off. The truth is, these are the people that are highly vulnerable during these days. The people with the highest position are actually at a higher probability of getting fired as the company wants to cut down costs and really get the best value out of what they pay for. These people are actually the very first group of individuals that the management will evaluate and see if they really give the most value for the salary that they're paid.

If the management has confirmed that they're being overpaid, they only have 2 options:

1. Either they'd agree into being underpaid, or 
2. Forced to give up their jobs

Most corporate executives were born not to choose any of the two as they believe that they have proven themselves enough and that they are indispensable or what Seth Godin calls, linchpin. The truth is, they have just given the management much better options.

a. Fire them and outsource
b. Hire another manager with a lower salary

The economy is in bad shape that most people I know would call me practical yet highly superficial for I always telling them to save money when they thought they can't. For some it may sound ridiculous but for those who really want to take control of their finances, of their future, it may not be easy but it's possible. Others may think that I am trying to ask someone with a bunion to keep walking without anything that supports them. Most people think that their jobs are their security, their haven and during the times when they feel the most painful effects of recession, they could rely on their jobs to walk and survive.

We must have been indoctrinated by our parents that the best way to earn lots of money is to study hard, get high grades, go to grad school and work for the Fortune 500 company. As kids, we grew up with the idea that the only way to make money is to work. Well, it still  is, but it doesn't mean that you have to be restricted in the four corners of your cube or the walls of your workspace. 

There's more to life than the blue-collar jobs!

Getting Fired Could Be a Blessing In Disguise

Steve Jobs lost his job in the company that he co-founded.

You might laugh at the thought but it's true! 

He was  fired in the year 1985 and learned that, "Getting fired is an awful tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it".

However, he also noted that, "The heaviness of being successful was being replaced by being a beginner again".

Take Control Of Your Finances, Take Control Of Your Future

Steve Jobs didn't spend his whole life being bitter about the people who outnumbered him during their meeting and decided to fire him. Neither did he spend the rest of his lives blaming the government, the people around him, the constitution nor complaining about what's wrong with the world around him. He actually took the challenge and took advantage of the opportunity and start anew with the hope and turned the table on his advantage. He strive to turn his weakness into strength.

What Should You Do Next?

Steve Jobs founded NeXT, which eventually paved his way to return to Apple and what's good about his return is that he didn't sought revenge or anything silly of that sort. He used the second chance given to him to prove his worth and to continually create positive changes in the lives of millions of people through his creations and ideas. That's when iPod, iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPad were created.

He continued,

"Don't be trapped by dogma which is living by other people's opinion. Don't let the voice of others drown your very own inner voice".

He also mentioned that "the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

The only way to succeed in what you do is to love it. Think of something you really love to do and just do it. Money will follow as you strive to keep learning, improving, innovating in what you really love to do.

Below is a video of Steve Jobs' speech during Stanford University's Commencement Exercises. He spoke about how one could be hungry, be fool and eventually become successful.

Establishing After Quitting 

Robert Kiyosaki said that we need build the 21st century's business. You can't just quit your job without a back up plan just as Steve Pavlina earned a lot of money during the recession. These guys had a plan B for their future. Instead of depending their future on their 401(k) or their retirement savings, they quit the jobs that used to promise financial stability and did what they do best, they established their own businesses!

Why Schools (Even Graduate Schools) Fail

Schools and universities failed in preparing the students for the worst scenario that's why when the global crisis came, a lot of people became devastated and completely lost with options. It is because universities are training the students to become employees and not entrepreneurs!

If you think that you can dodge the recession with graduate school, think again! Penelope Trunk pointed out that, "The more desperate you are for a job, the more likely you are to take a job that doesn’t teach you what you want to learn. And then you get to that job and you think, “Grad school could solve this problem.” But in fact, grad school creates larger, and more insurmountable problems. And some the problems you’re trying to solve with grad school might not be problems at all."

You see, instead of growing, you might just enclose yourself in a harder shell of which you will have a hard time to come out. Instead of unleashing the power in us to become entrepreneurs, we try to sink in the four corners of our cubicles and hope to keep a job that's been gradually burying the entrepreneur and great potentials in us.

Just as "death is the greatest invention of life because it clears up the old to make way for the new", as Steve Jobs said, recession also aims to flush out the crippling dogma in us and wants to unleash the best in us.

The situation calls for heroes!

You can just make yourself one by defying your current circumstances and start your own business.

The greatest entrepreneurs and most successful and wealthy people didn't count on their degrees to succeed in life. Most of them actually didn't have degrees.

One of the world's greatest billionaires, Bill Gates, even quipped:

"I studied everything but never topped. Today, the topnotcher of the best universities are my employees".

Now, the choice is yours.

Deal with the recession with a positive attitude and rise above the blues that you're into by turning your weaknesses into strength, or keep yourself trapped with the belief that your job (the one which you always complain having about) will save you and help you survive in this recession.

The choice is yours. A new entrepreneur in you might just be born in the midst of the chaos.


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Hi Johnha,

I'm just scanning through every line but every line of your post is very well written! Thanks for this post, I love it! I might love it even more once I get to read it all. Watching the Steve Jobs speech for now though. :)

Become Rich said...

Hi Jon,

Thank you very much for sharing this video. I'm literally on tears now. :) I guess it's because I can very much relate to Steve on what I want to achieve.

I'm also a tech guy and I refuse to live somebody else's dream...

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