A SPAcial Saturday - Why Ricky Reyes and David's Salon Are Not-So-Good Salons

Why David's Salon and Ricky Reyes are Over-rated

My Not-So-Good Ricky Reyes Experience

A couple of months ago, I decided to have my hair cut. It was not an easy decision and most people who know me know so well why. It's all because my mother dear wouldn't want me to. She loves to comb my hair every morning and it would hurt her so much if I would insist into having my hair cut. 

However, I decided that it's way too long that I need some change. So I decided to have my hair cut in Ricky Reyes in SM City Iloilo. Since they're quite popular here in the Philippines and their simple hair cut costs Php 200.00 (take note that it's way more expensive than the regular hair cuts in most barber shop or salons since others only charge around Php50-70), I thought they'd give me better service.

I was wrong.

So the gay who cut my hair asked me what kind of style do I want for my hair. I told him anything but he gotta make sure it's not the usual straight cut. So he started cutting it with the "U" shape telling me that "V"-shaped hair looks dull and damaged. So I agreed and like a flash of a lightning, my 13" hair was turned into 8". I don't have problems with length of the hair, that's fine if he cut it to 5" I don't really mind. What's the use of having your hair cut if you won't allow them to cut it to such a length. The problem is, when I tried to ask suggestions, the gay barber didn't even bother to give any. 

I guess they were too assured about being well known that they don't bother to please new customers anymore. Well, tell you what, you will definitely get what you gave, no more new customers. Or may lose old ones.

David's Salon's Place and the Staff Weren't Really Good

With the not-so-good experience in Ricky Reyes, I decided to ask friends as to where I could get a quality service at the same price. So today I went to have my hair cut in David's Salon in Robinson's Place. The receptionist was friendly and the place was a little more welcoming but what the heck, the staff weren't as professional as I expected them to be! I mean yeah they're friendly but they gave me an impression that they've just had their training yesterday and started officially working today! I got their "promo" package of Php485.00 (hair cut + hot oil). I also had a manicure and pedicure for Php 180.00 (usually Php 200.00 but I got a 10% discount, thanks to my Prive card).

So I had my hair shampooed with some pleasant to the nose shampoo, I loved it. The hairdresser was again a gay. He asked me what style and I told him anything that would suit me. 

My friend told me that David's Salon have pleasant staff. Well yeah, except for my hairdresser. He didn't show me any maldita attitude but he didn't show any good attitude either. So he cut my hair with the "U" style again and it was good, then I decided to have bangs. Then while having my hot oil treatment, another staff was providing me a manicure and pedicure service. The manicure and pedicure were all good. I had french tips for manicure and maroon nail polish for my pedicure. 

In fairness to the assistant who took charge after my hot oil, he's a guy. He looked under-trained but he seem to be taking his job seriously. He patiently blow dried my hair and I appreciate hot oil treatments now. It's just that he's a little unsure about what he's doing. 

When my hair is all dried I realized that the bangs that their not-so-good hair dresser cut was a little too short and it was side-sweep so he said it's just how I usually divide my hair that's keeping it from getting the look that most Koreans and Filipinas have when they have their bangs. Ok, fine, you think I should have my neighbor cut my hair instead, she has done it herself and gosh, she didn't even the training that you "famous" salons brag about! I went to a "professional" salon to have my hair cut professionally and expect my hair to look better than before I stepped into your place but I guess I've just got too blinded with how "popular" your name is. 

Thanks to My SPA Therapy Center for Such a Welcoming and Warm Service

Frustrated with how my bangs have turned out and David's Salon has failed my expectation, I decided to get a facial and some body massage. It looks like a place called "My SPA Therapy" has got some combo services. I looked at Facial and they have a combo for "Facial + Body Scrub" for Php 399.00. There are many other combos like "Footscrub  + Body Massage" but since I really want a facial, I opted for my first option.

It was a total blackout in the part of the city when I arrived so it was really "therapeutic" and you know the usual spa candlelight. Well, unlike the cozy and really elegant setting in Spa Riviera, My SPA Therapy setting was simpler and their space is way smaller. 

Awesome Facial Service and Body Scrub at My Spa Therapy

What I like about their facial service is that they don't prick the blackheads or pimples! It's purely therapeutic and I don't have to worry about ugly little scars. The couch where I laid down and almost slept was very comfortable and so the facial was so-so. They have this little battery-operated (ready for blackout, huh?) device that removes the blackheads and it was good. Though there was no head massage, it was a good experience.

I then went upstairs to take a shower and got ready for the body scrub. I enjoyed the body massage in Spa Riviera before so I thought I'd try a body scrub in the My Spa Therapy this time. What's good about them is that they provided me with a disposable underwear unlike in most Spa centers where you just have a towel or something. I think it was clever to provide a disposable underwear.

The scrub that was used was salt+milk (yeah the one that you could just buy in Watson's in SM Department Stores) but the owner mixed some additional essences that made it a little more therapeutic. I had a great time in the said spa center. RC, the girl who provided me with the service was very pleasant and we talked a lot and at the end of the session, I gave her Php100.00 because I felt that it was such a good experience. 

Why Should You Try Pampering Yourself

I promised my always exhausted self that I will pamper it once in awhile, perhaps twice a month and the best way to do it is to visit spa centers. They have various services such as facial, manicure, pedicure, body massage, body scrub, diamond peel, detoxification and many others that will help your body rejuvenate and really feel relaxed and anew. Come on, your body deserves some treat with all the works that it's been doing. 

So yeah, even if the beauty salons weren't as impressive as I perceived them to be (blame it to the commercials and too much marketing), I think spa centers were able to relieve and compensate it and I can really say that anyone should give it a try!


Felix Albutra said...

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I was wandering if you love to visit my site too. I am glad that I found another Filipino who does blogging seriously....

By the way, I am Felix Albutra a 23-year old blogger and online entrepreneur.

anunturi suceava said...

romania says hy to filipine, and specialy to Jonha Ducayag Revesencio. :)

Anonymous said...

Ricky Reyes Salon GF Ever Gotesco Caloocan City worst service. The staff used wet towel when she was shampooing my hair. Ewwww! I asked her to replace it. Then she she pulled and tugged my hair while she was blow drying my hair. In other salons my scalp was gently massaged and not pulled. WORST was that I had to pay P200 for the so-so haircut, more expensive than David's Salon. NEVER AGAIN

Anonymous said...

duh if u want chikkahan u better go to a palengke. u cant just rate salons because they hairdrssers etc didnt talk to u. maybe they got irita with ur mouth. such a waste of time reading this sick review! better be bald next time.

Salons in indore said...

The resource that you mentioned here is something that I have been looking from quite a time. And finally it ended with such a nice blog post. Don’t have words to thank you.

Anonymous said...

mango mango man ni ang nagsulat man. Makadto sa salon para mag istorya like duh

Anonymous said...

Haha.. Patawa yong mga comments. Anyway, professional salons aren't like cheap salons around who do "barber talks". If you really want a good service, check salons that will cost you more than 400 for just a haircut but don't expect talkative hairdressers.

Rio Pascua said...

Hi. I was looking for reviews regarding salons and such.
I am sorry but to me, your reason of rating them seem shallow to me. It even sound immature and a hate post.

you cannot gauge their customer service just because they did not talk to you. Some people are just not talkative and would like to concentrate on what they are doing. Just that proves that they are good or at least have the right attitude in doing their job. What if he had talked to you excessively and messed up your hair?

The one inexperienfced guy from davids salon is taking his job seriously, and maybe he is really an amateur and would need to pay more attention. Also, high end salons are very busy places and have many serious profesionals.

I worked at a BPO company and it is not all about rapport. The most important thing is setting up expectations and they did that, I assume. So I hope, next time you would consider their situations as well.

catniss said...

Ricky Reyes Alimall's staff and hairdrssers are rude.When customers left,they talk abou them (that she has ugly hair,she's fat and looked pregnant).They are very unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

Lmao such salty butthurt comment. But hey, ricky reyes salon hair stylists really does suck cutting hair.

Rina said...

I had a bad experience at David's Salon too. I was a regular customer but not anymore! I came to their SM Bacoor branch at 6pm and waited for my turn since my hairstylist was attending to another customer. At around 6:45pm I asked them if it will take longer for me to have my haircut. They told me that my name was called already (they didn't, because no one has ever approached me), that my hairstylist will be until 7pm only, and they cannot accommodate me! I was there sitting for 45 minutes and the gossiping liars at the receiving area don't pay attention and didn't inform me that they cancelled my appointment.

Jen Jen said...

Couldn't agree with you more.