My Blogger Story

What's Your Story?

Both Facebook and YouTube have just recently released their contents for My Facebook Story and My YouTube Story, respectively. I have been so touched as to how these social sites were able to help make thousands of peoples lives easier as they built platforms that made sharing much easier and faster. My favorite YouTube story was from Corey Vidal. He poured his heart to this video and with all his honesty, he told a story of how a young man's life was saved by YouTube especially when the world seemed to have turned its back from him.

Below is a copy of the video wherein Corey Vidal talked for almost 35 minutes and related how he started creating videos, how it has touched people's lives and how it has enriched his life, making him one of the most valuable YouTuber in the world.

My Blogger Story

I then decided that I could might as well tell a bit of my story to the world. It's not for the world to praise me but to be inspired by my humble beginnings. I feel that I may not be as successful as this world may define it because everyday I still struggle to keep both ends meet but I feel that I am blessed and that I am successful in what I do because I feel a much deeper sense of my existence and every time a blog reader sends me a message via Facebook or email, I feel the need to shout that I am in my own little way doing what I really want and what my Heavely Father wants me to.

I know that I may not create wonderful vlogs like Corey does. I may not sing like Tiffany Alvord does so well. I may not be able to create as intellectually stimulating posts as my all-time favorite Blogger, Penelope Trunk does, but I feel that in my little niche about exposing scams, giving my tips about blogging to newbies and my random posts about my quest in saving and investing, I feel that I am fulfilling one of the many dreams I have in life. Therefore, I felt the need to share my Blogger story.

The truth is, I have just cashed out from Google Adsense last June 4, 2010 after almost 2 years of blogging. I never really expected to have a passive income. It was slow but I am grateful that in a way, I am being paid writing just about anything I like and it's such a nice feeling that people can in some ways profit or benefit from what I have been writing. You see, monetizing from blogs doesn't happen overnight. It requires patience, persistence, passion and again, patience. One needs to be dedicated and believe in what he does before he finally sees the fruits of his labor. Most bloggers would probably laugh at me because it took me ages before I finally made money out of blogging. Had I become depended on blogging to pay for our bills, buy our food and make both ends meet, I could have starved my mom and myself. However, the thought doesn't bother me the least because blogging has always been a part of me. I feel that it runs in my veins. People could probably take away social networking and tweeting from me but not blogging.

Why Do I Blog?

Good question.

I asked a couple of my blogger friends exactly the same question more than a couple of years ago.  Both had different reasons but we all intersected at one point that we all want to express ourselves that people we may come in contact with daily may not relate to or appreciate. We want to have to share a piece of our to the world. We want to share our laughter, our ideas, our thoughts, our feelings.

Passion for News and Writing

I then started my celebrity news blog. I have always been fond with High School Musical. There's something about the film that made me sing its songs everyday and look out for the latest updates about the real-life couple, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. My delight for them advance to the level wherein I keep blogging about other things until I had multiple Blogger accounts.

Then the day came when I wanted more than just relaying stories about my favorite celebrities. I wanted to share something a little bit more personal. Thus, the JonHappiness was born.

Overcoming Myself

Most people who knows me since I was in elementary knows that I have always bit timid. I have always been so quite and afraid to talk in front of people. Ask the people who knows me now and they would see no trace of the old Jonha. Now I am more confident about myself and my capabilities. I have learned skills that have always been there, I only needed to wake it up.


Perhaps the most important reason why I blog is that I want my posterity to know about me. It may seem a little narcissistic but I don't want them to forget about me and I know that I may pass this Earth, the internet would still be available. I want the day would come that once they Google me, they would read about my certain thoughts on certain things. I want to tell them firsthand experiences of things. I want them to read how I cope with my daily challenges. I want to leave a message to my posterity through my posts.

How Has Blogger Changed My Life?

I have gained various friends through blogging. I have learned through other people's posts. I have gotten another job through my blog. Each day I would be prompted to think positively of whatever situation I may be into because I want to share something positive to the world. I am learning new words daily. I am trying to live each day, in a more excellent way.

What about you, what's your Blogger story?


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nortehanon said...

Hmn, earning from blogging. I haven't thought of that yet. Some blogger friends have been encouraging me and I have received emails from some companies asking if I can put up their badges and put link to their websites. Pero parang di pa pwede. I still enjoy my blog being ad-free sa ngayon.

bob said...

I patiently watched the video, definitely this is an honest story i've ever seen. Hard life indeed.

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