The Fast Company's The Influence Project Looking for the Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

"If ever you wonder if you touched my soul, 

Yes, you do..
Since I met you, I'm not the same
You bring life to everything I do
Just the way you say hello
With one touch I can't let go
Never thought I'd fall in love with you
Because of you, my life has changed
Thank you for the love & the joy you bring
Because of you, I feel no shame 
I'll tell the world 
It's because of you"

Have you ever wondered whose lives have you touched? Don't you wish you could just keep track of the people who anxiously look into your Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and blog posts? There are simply several people in the world that listen to you. Isn't it exciting to just know who these people are? 

Well, Fast Company has just made life easier for naturally influential people by starting a project called The Influence Project. It aims to look for and recognize the Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

The Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010 Could be YOU

Though I may have guesses as to who will be the lucky and truly influential person on the web could be, I could never be certain. There are lots of some really unfamiliar faces in the most updated collection of those who have joined so though I may have a feeling that it's either Justine Ezarik, Ashton Kutcher, or Pete Cashmore, you just never know, it could be YOU!

How to Help a Naturally Influential Person Become Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

You must have seen your Facebook's News feed with links like:

Fast Company is searching for 2010’s Most Influential Person Online. You are more influential than you think."

In order to help that person become more influential, you need to be his/her "influencee". Of course I just coined such term. You need to click on his personal influential profile link so he could get credit for the influence that he has given you. Once you clicked on the said link, you will then have to wait as The Influence Project is loading. You will see a screen like the one below, wait because it's loading the profile of the person who has influenced you. 

You can help spread the person's influence by clicking on either Facebook or Twitter icons on the left, just under the number of current influences of the person. 

You will then be prompted to register so you can proceed on spreading the person's influence. Fast Company has really made everything easier for everyone. They know that everyone can't live without a Facebook so anyone can easily register by authorizing/allowing the Fast Company Application to use your Facebook account for the registration process. Don't worry, it's safe, simply and amazingly easy!

Once you click on the Facebook's Connect button, you will then be directed to a Facebook page which will require you to authorize the Fast Company's Application. Once you've successfully authorized it, it will automatically publish the notification to your wall about:

Fast Company is searching for 2010’s Most Influential Person Online. You are more influential than you think."

Who to Nominate?

I'm sure by now, your friends have already joined the bandwagon and have such a notification on their walls and waiting for you to be their "influencee" so all you need to do is to simply click on the link and you will be directed to The Influential Project platform. Think of someone you know who have been such a pleasant influence to you and search their name at the bottom of the Fast Company project's platform. I would also suggest you to click on this link to make things easier for you ;)

Most Influential Blogger Janette Toral Influenced by Me

I have been thinking about the influential bloggers that have always inspired me in my blogging. The very first person that came into my mind was Ms. Janette Toral of  the She's the epitome of the word and she has inspired many aspiring bloggers that I anxiously posted a link to her Facebook Wall. 

A few minutes later, she responded positively to the sort of link bait because truly, I meant what I said, but with a link to my Influential People Link. After several minutes, my Influence has drastically grown from 2-10, whoooa! You see, You are more influential than you think. 

I think it was a perfect timing that I posted the link on her Wall earlier than anyone else and though I may not have the most influence that other people on the web are already enjoying, though I feel that I am just one person to the world (you know how the cliche goes so don't make me complete it), at least I tried.

Degrees of Influence

You know what they say about the change you could create in a person's life and the best way to pay back is to pay it forward? It's when a single and little act of kindness echoes and touches many more lives when the little act is shared or forwarded. Below is a video entitled Pay it Forward and how your influence could influence more lives.

Now, you think you're influential enough?

Remember: “You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me.”

 You are more influential than you think. 

Be my "influencee"


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