Cheesy Corner: Thoughts On Nicholas Sparks' Last Song and Anything in Between

Nicholas Sparks' Last Song Review--Almost

Get a little ready about how this post would be a little cheesy. 

It's not like I'm going to sound like the jejemons that annoys me like heck but this isn't going to be about convincing you to invest in stock market or how to make money online with your blogs. It's more about me...and my thoughts on things. The last time that I reviewed a book or at least shared my thoughts about them was when I read Sidney Sheldon's Best Laid Plans. I'm a sucker for books, I'm such a bookworm. Perhaps it's much more apt to say I'm such a booksnake. I'd clasp the books for hours or would stare at my monitor intently reading Twilight, Harry Potter or Dan Brown's feats. (I've read them all, by the way)

Thoughts on Miley Cyrus

Almost anything or anyone that Miley Cyrus gets involved into almost always turns into gold. Literally. Remember when she quitted Twitter? Almost everyone (including her haters) roared. She's just too controversial, often too overrated. Nonetheless, interesting. As I was reading The Last Song, all I could picture about Ronnie is her. She's just so perfect for the role. So though there are a lot of things that I don't like about her, like her new video entitled Can't be Tamed, I still decided to read the book.

Teenagers All Go Through the Stage of Rebellion

Parents have gone through this, everyone goes through this. It's just the intensity of how we deal and how parents deal with it that varier but we all go through this. I marveled at how Nicholas Sparks gave Ronnie (short for Veronica) an interesting character, she's the perfect rebel. With the very meaning of it. She's a rebel, and she's just so perfect rebel. I like how she still cares about her younger brother, Jonah despite having brittle outward appearance or shell. 

I like how her dad, Steve, could calmly deal with all her tantrums and how much I feel sad about his feelings for the consequences of his dreams and past decisions. 

And there goes Will the Hottie. And he likes Ronnie, completely out of his league (the opposite of it) and how the story revolves about their different personalities but they clicked, just as simple or as complicated as it may seem, like that.

The Perfect Family

I think Ronnie has a perfect family.


Not the usual perfect that the world perceives wherein it's just a bed of roses. It sure it, but it has thorns, too. Her brother, Jonah, is probably a brother that anyone would wish for. I like it everyone he tries to tell her sister about what his unusual and genuinely innocent observation of things, how he gave Ronnie the money when she needed to buy a gown for Will's sister's wedding. I like it when he worked with his father in finishing the windows which was later installed in Pastor Harris' church. I like that he has an enthusiasm in everything.

I cried about how loving, understanding, patient and meek Ronnie's father is. He has a great passion for music and even if it's part of him, when he knew that Ronnie still couldn't forgive him for abandoning them and she felt bad about him playing music every time she's around, he sacrificed even if it made him feel better and forget about his stomach cancer. Ronnie and Steve' relationship reminds me of my relationship with my own dad. I was crying all the time every time I read the part about Steve's thoughts and feelings towards his children and how he forgot about himself and just wanted them to have a wonderful summer.

Ronnie later realized how little he knows about his father. She didn't even know what his favorite color is, when did he has his first kiss, what his favorite scripture is. I checked on my own relationship with my father and realized just how little I know about him. He spent most of his life in a foreign land as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) as a welder and when I knew that he cheated on my mom, I became aloof. He had pneumonia and when he was rushed to the hospital by my mom, I didn't come along. Not that I hate him that much but I thought I couldn't stand being in the same room seeing him suffer. My mom called me over the phone and told me about the sad news.

It's ironic that we often treat our friends better than our families when we need to treat our friends like family and our family like our friends. We need to make each of them feel loved and special now, not when they're already gone.

When It's Gone

It's ironic that we often appreciate something once it's gone. There are too many words left unsaid, feelings ungiven and too many regrets. Before I learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ, I felt miserable because I felt I was a bad daughter. I felt that I wouldn't be able to make it up to my father. Then I learned about God's Plan of Happiness wherein families can be together forever through undergoing sacred ordinances. Me and my parents were sealed last April 11th, 2006 after my father was baptized (baptism for the dead). It gave me the most needed hope and understanding of the life after death and that our Heavenly Father knows that we long to be with our families together forever.

Though we can't stop death, we can start making this life worth living for. It's not how much time left but how we make the most of it. 

Books in Life

I read books because they let me drift into a world where I often catch myself wanting to be into. Not that their lives are too perfect and to fairytalish. But I love the fact that through books I could often escape in the reality. Not that my reality is too boring or too uneventful but books transports me into world that I could understand. That I could feel that I truly belong.

I read Twilight because I love what happens to Bella and just how dashing Edward. I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Deception Point and John Grisham's The Firm, The Street Lawyer, The Client and many other books because there's something about the characters that I could relate to.

Wish We Were a Fairytale

Fairy tales are too boring because I think they're too good to be true.
I think you're too boring because you work so hard, you smile a bit and keep me wondering what you think about me.
But I guess these are the things I like about you.
And maybe I love fairy tales too,
Because in them I can see me and you.

Those were just some of my thoughts while reading the book. I often catch myself drifting into my own dreams and hopes.

What about you, what books do you read?

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