Help Make This World a Much Better World

I'm on a mission!

I always think of how I would live my life to the fullest and I have only thought of a couple of things that I want to live my life:

1. Be blessed (I guess everyone wants to! Check out the next)

2. Continue being a blessing to all the lives I'm in contact with.

If I would be able to live get and live those two things, then I would be able to say to my Lord in the last days that I have lived a well lived life. It's pretty simple and very attainable.

Now here's what my mission is:

I want to give appreciative works to 5 people (preferably someone whom I don't know) EVERYDAY. As in EVERY day, no skipping (like I usually skip meals), no excuses (like when you're having a bad day), and that's a total of 25 people feeling more appreciated EVERY week. Should I skip or miss one, it would add up or even double up for the next day.

I know it may not be grand but I know it's my little possible way of helping make this world a much better place to stay. I know that these people would pay it  forward, that means that they will give 5 more appreciative words to those they know or in contact with, and those 5 will give the same and I would indirectly touch other people's lives too!

What about you? What's your plan? How do you think you could help make this world a much better place to stay?

For me: 5 appreciation to 5 people a day will help them feel better and this world a much better place to stay!

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cheramie navarra said...

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