My Blogger Story

What's Your Story?

Both Facebook and YouTube have just recently released their contents for My Facebook Story and My YouTube Story, respectively. I have been so touched as to how these social sites were able to help make thousands of peoples lives easier as they built platforms that made sharing much easier and faster. My favorite YouTube story was from Corey Vidal. He poured his heart to this video and with all his honesty, he told a story of how a young man's life was saved by YouTube especially when the world seemed to have turned its back from him.

Below is a copy of the video wherein Corey Vidal talked for almost 35 minutes and related how he started creating videos, how it has touched people's lives and how it has enriched his life, making him one of the most valuable YouTuber in the world.

My Blogger Story

I then decided that I could might as well tell a bit of my story to the world. It's not for the world to praise me but to be inspired by my humble beginnings. I feel that I may not be as successful as this world may define it because everyday I still struggle to keep both ends meet but I feel that I am blessed and that I am successful in what I do because I feel a much deeper sense of my existence and every time a blog reader sends me a message via Facebook or email, I feel the need to shout that I am in my own little way doing what I really want and what my Heavely Father wants me to.

I know that I may not create wonderful vlogs like Corey does. I may not sing like Tiffany Alvord does so well. I may not be able to create as intellectually stimulating posts as my all-time favorite Blogger, Penelope Trunk does, but I feel that in my little niche about exposing scams, giving my tips about blogging to newbies and my random posts about my quest in saving and investing, I feel that I am fulfilling one of the many dreams I have in life. Therefore, I felt the need to share my Blogger story.

The truth is, I have just cashed out from Google Adsense last June 4, 2010 after almost 2 years of blogging. I never really expected to have a passive income. It was slow but I am grateful that in a way, I am being paid writing just about anything I like and it's such a nice feeling that people can in some ways profit or benefit from what I have been writing. You see, monetizing from blogs doesn't happen overnight. It requires patience, persistence, passion and again, patience. One needs to be dedicated and believe in what he does before he finally sees the fruits of his labor. Most bloggers would probably laugh at me because it took me ages before I finally made money out of blogging. Had I become depended on blogging to pay for our bills, buy our food and make both ends meet, I could have starved my mom and myself. However, the thought doesn't bother me the least because blogging has always been a part of me. I feel that it runs in my veins. People could probably take away social networking and tweeting from me but not blogging.

Why Do I Blog?

Good question.

I asked a couple of my blogger friends exactly the same question more than a couple of years ago.  Both had different reasons but we all intersected at one point that we all want to express ourselves that people we may come in contact with daily may not relate to or appreciate. We want to have to share a piece of our to the world. We want to share our laughter, our ideas, our thoughts, our feelings.

Passion for News and Writing

I then started my celebrity news blog. I have always been fond with High School Musical. There's something about the film that made me sing its songs everyday and look out for the latest updates about the real-life couple, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. My delight for them advance to the level wherein I keep blogging about other things until I had multiple Blogger accounts.

Then the day came when I wanted more than just relaying stories about my favorite celebrities. I wanted to share something a little bit more personal. Thus, the JonHappiness was born.

Overcoming Myself

Most people who knows me since I was in elementary knows that I have always bit timid. I have always been so quite and afraid to talk in front of people. Ask the people who knows me now and they would see no trace of the old Jonha. Now I am more confident about myself and my capabilities. I have learned skills that have always been there, I only needed to wake it up.


Perhaps the most important reason why I blog is that I want my posterity to know about me. It may seem a little narcissistic but I don't want them to forget about me and I know that I may pass this Earth, the internet would still be available. I want the day would come that once they Google me, they would read about my certain thoughts on certain things. I want to tell them firsthand experiences of things. I want them to read how I cope with my daily challenges. I want to leave a message to my posterity through my posts.

How Has Blogger Changed My Life?

I have gained various friends through blogging. I have learned through other people's posts. I have gotten another job through my blog. Each day I would be prompted to think positively of whatever situation I may be into because I want to share something positive to the world. I am learning new words daily. I am trying to live each day, in a more excellent way.

What about you, what's your Blogger story?

Cheesy Corner: Thoughts On Nicholas Sparks' Last Song and Anything in Between

Nicholas Sparks' Last Song Review--Almost

Get a little ready about how this post would be a little cheesy. 

It's not like I'm going to sound like the jejemons that annoys me like heck but this isn't going to be about convincing you to invest in stock market or how to make money online with your blogs. It's more about me...and my thoughts on things. The last time that I reviewed a book or at least shared my thoughts about them was when I read Sidney Sheldon's Best Laid Plans. I'm a sucker for books, I'm such a bookworm. Perhaps it's much more apt to say I'm such a booksnake. I'd clasp the books for hours or would stare at my monitor intently reading Twilight, Harry Potter or Dan Brown's feats. (I've read them all, by the way)

Thoughts on Miley Cyrus

Almost anything or anyone that Miley Cyrus gets involved into almost always turns into gold. Literally. Remember when she quitted Twitter? Almost everyone (including her haters) roared. She's just too controversial, often too overrated. Nonetheless, interesting. As I was reading The Last Song, all I could picture about Ronnie is her. She's just so perfect for the role. So though there are a lot of things that I don't like about her, like her new video entitled Can't be Tamed, I still decided to read the book.

Teenagers All Go Through the Stage of Rebellion

Parents have gone through this, everyone goes through this. It's just the intensity of how we deal and how parents deal with it that varier but we all go through this. I marveled at how Nicholas Sparks gave Ronnie (short for Veronica) an interesting character, she's the perfect rebel. With the very meaning of it. She's a rebel, and she's just so perfect rebel. I like how she still cares about her younger brother, Jonah despite having brittle outward appearance or shell. 

I like how her dad, Steve, could calmly deal with all her tantrums and how much I feel sad about his feelings for the consequences of his dreams and past decisions. 

And there goes Will the Hottie. And he likes Ronnie, completely out of his league (the opposite of it) and how the story revolves about their different personalities but they clicked, just as simple or as complicated as it may seem, like that.

The Perfect Family

I think Ronnie has a perfect family.


Not the usual perfect that the world perceives wherein it's just a bed of roses. It sure it, but it has thorns, too. Her brother, Jonah, is probably a brother that anyone would wish for. I like it everyone he tries to tell her sister about what his unusual and genuinely innocent observation of things, how he gave Ronnie the money when she needed to buy a gown for Will's sister's wedding. I like it when he worked with his father in finishing the windows which was later installed in Pastor Harris' church. I like that he has an enthusiasm in everything.

I cried about how loving, understanding, patient and meek Ronnie's father is. He has a great passion for music and even if it's part of him, when he knew that Ronnie still couldn't forgive him for abandoning them and she felt bad about him playing music every time she's around, he sacrificed even if it made him feel better and forget about his stomach cancer. Ronnie and Steve' relationship reminds me of my relationship with my own dad. I was crying all the time every time I read the part about Steve's thoughts and feelings towards his children and how he forgot about himself and just wanted them to have a wonderful summer.

Ronnie later realized how little he knows about his father. She didn't even know what his favorite color is, when did he has his first kiss, what his favorite scripture is. I checked on my own relationship with my father and realized just how little I know about him. He spent most of his life in a foreign land as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) as a welder and when I knew that he cheated on my mom, I became aloof. He had pneumonia and when he was rushed to the hospital by my mom, I didn't come along. Not that I hate him that much but I thought I couldn't stand being in the same room seeing him suffer. My mom called me over the phone and told me about the sad news.

It's ironic that we often treat our friends better than our families when we need to treat our friends like family and our family like our friends. We need to make each of them feel loved and special now, not when they're already gone.

When It's Gone

It's ironic that we often appreciate something once it's gone. There are too many words left unsaid, feelings ungiven and too many regrets. Before I learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ, I felt miserable because I felt I was a bad daughter. I felt that I wouldn't be able to make it up to my father. Then I learned about God's Plan of Happiness wherein families can be together forever through undergoing sacred ordinances. Me and my parents were sealed last April 11th, 2006 after my father was baptized (baptism for the dead). It gave me the most needed hope and understanding of the life after death and that our Heavenly Father knows that we long to be with our families together forever.

Though we can't stop death, we can start making this life worth living for. It's not how much time left but how we make the most of it. 

Books in Life

I read books because they let me drift into a world where I often catch myself wanting to be into. Not that their lives are too perfect and to fairytalish. But I love the fact that through books I could often escape in the reality. Not that my reality is too boring or too uneventful but books transports me into world that I could understand. That I could feel that I truly belong.

I read Twilight because I love what happens to Bella and just how dashing Edward. I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, Deception Point and John Grisham's The Firm, The Street Lawyer, The Client and many other books because there's something about the characters that I could relate to.

Wish We Were a Fairytale

Fairy tales are too boring because I think they're too good to be true.
I think you're too boring because you work so hard, you smile a bit and keep me wondering what you think about me.
But I guess these are the things I like about you.
And maybe I love fairy tales too,
Because in them I can see me and you.

Those were just some of my thoughts while reading the book. I often catch myself drifting into my own dreams and hopes.

What about you, what books do you read?

Help Make This World a Much Better World

I'm on a mission!

I always think of how I would live my life to the fullest and I have only thought of a couple of things that I want to live my life:

1. Be blessed (I guess everyone wants to! Check out the next)

2. Continue being a blessing to all the lives I'm in contact with.

If I would be able to live get and live those two things, then I would be able to say to my Lord in the last days that I have lived a well lived life. It's pretty simple and very attainable.

Now here's what my mission is:

I want to give appreciative works to 5 people (preferably someone whom I don't know) EVERYDAY. As in EVERY day, no skipping (like I usually skip meals), no excuses (like when you're having a bad day), and that's a total of 25 people feeling more appreciated EVERY week. Should I skip or miss one, it would add up or even double up for the next day.

I know it may not be grand but I know it's my little possible way of helping make this world a much better place to stay. I know that these people would pay it  forward, that means that they will give 5 more appreciative words to those they know or in contact with, and those 5 will give the same and I would indirectly touch other people's lives too!

What about you? What's your plan? How do you think you could help make this world a much better place to stay?

For me: 5 appreciation to 5 people a day will help them feel better and this world a much better place to stay!

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Credited Back My Money After Less Than a Month

Got My Money Back from  Philippine Prudential Life Insurance After 25 Days

What a pleasant surprise! After less than a month, the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance credited or charged back my money on my debit card! It's a good news for people who have been duped by their poor internet marketing strategies and hoodwinked to sign up for their endowment (savings + life insurance) policy. 

How to Get Your Money Back from the PPLIC

Below are the easy and simple steps that that you too can do so they could swiftly return my money to my debit card. 

1. Write a Cancellation Letter stating my reason that I am no longer interested with their program. You can opt to tell them that you can no longer afford the monthly deductions or contributions or whatever it's called.

2. Submitted  it to the branch that lured you, or where you got your policy. In my case, I got my policy from Cebu and bravely submitted it to their Iloilo branch. I was very firm with my decision as they would most likely try to convince you not to cancel. Some may even try to scare you that you can no longer get the full refund but trust me, it was stated in their 11th policy rules that you can cancel it within 15 days that you got the policy. 

3. Have them receive or sign your letter, get a copy of it. (Just to have a proof that they received it)

4. Request a SOA (Statement of Account) with the status: Cancelled upon inception (This is very important so would no longer be authorized to deduct certain amount of money from you bank account)

5. File a dispute or something like that to your credit card company so they will not charge you anymore. (If you paid them through your credit card)

For those who are outside the country, you can authorize your relatives or someone who can trust (if you can hire a lawyer, the better) to act on your behalf and follow the steps that I have given. 

If you need to call their call center, below is their latest number. Some people I know complained about them not picking up with their old number, I guess they changed it since bazillion of people have been complaining so they must have been ticked a tad.

Philippine Prudential Life Call Center (02) 902 2300 

Lesson Learned from this Experience

You cannot just decide on your retirement, savings or insurance in just a matter of minutes. It takes a careful planning and consideration. Perhaps the greatest thing that I have learned is simply to ignore strangers as they often could only do you harm instead of expect them to bless your life. It's funny that I have read a joke before which says, 

"When someone's selling you an insurance, run away!"

Should you have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below or connect with me on Facebook.

For a thread on how I got duped by the insurance agents of PPLIC in SM Cebu and a picture of these pernicious charlatans, click here for the story.

Do you find the post informative, fun and helpful? Then what about buying me a drink?

The Fast Company's The Influence Project Looking for the Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

"If ever you wonder if you touched my soul, 

Yes, you do..
Since I met you, I'm not the same
You bring life to everything I do
Just the way you say hello
With one touch I can't let go
Never thought I'd fall in love with you
Because of you, my life has changed
Thank you for the love & the joy you bring
Because of you, I feel no shame 
I'll tell the world 
It's because of you"

Have you ever wondered whose lives have you touched? Don't you wish you could just keep track of the people who anxiously look into your Facebook statuses, Twitter tweets and blog posts? There are simply several people in the world that listen to you. Isn't it exciting to just know who these people are? 

Well, Fast Company has just made life easier for naturally influential people by starting a project called The Influence Project. It aims to look for and recognize the Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

The Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010 Could be YOU

Though I may have guesses as to who will be the lucky and truly influential person on the web could be, I could never be certain. There are lots of some really unfamiliar faces in the most updated collection of those who have joined so though I may have a feeling that it's either Justine Ezarik, Ashton Kutcher, or Pete Cashmore, you just never know, it could be YOU!

How to Help a Naturally Influential Person Become Most Influential Person on the Web for 2010

You must have seen your Facebook's News feed with links like:

Fast Company is searching for 2010’s Most Influential Person Online. You are more influential than you think."

In order to help that person become more influential, you need to be his/her "influencee". Of course I just coined such term. You need to click on his personal influential profile link so he could get credit for the influence that he has given you. Once you clicked on the said link, you will then have to wait as The Influence Project is loading. You will see a screen like the one below, wait because it's loading the profile of the person who has influenced you. 

You can help spread the person's influence by clicking on either Facebook or Twitter icons on the left, just under the number of current influences of the person. 

You will then be prompted to register so you can proceed on spreading the person's influence. Fast Company has really made everything easier for everyone. They know that everyone can't live without a Facebook so anyone can easily register by authorizing/allowing the Fast Company Application to use your Facebook account for the registration process. Don't worry, it's safe, simply and amazingly easy!

Once you click on the Facebook's Connect button, you will then be directed to a Facebook page which will require you to authorize the Fast Company's Application. Once you've successfully authorized it, it will automatically publish the notification to your wall about:

Fast Company is searching for 2010’s Most Influential Person Online. You are more influential than you think."

Who to Nominate?

I'm sure by now, your friends have already joined the bandwagon and have such a notification on their walls and waiting for you to be their "influencee" so all you need to do is to simply click on the link and you will be directed to The Influential Project platform. Think of someone you know who have been such a pleasant influence to you and search their name at the bottom of the Fast Company project's platform. I would also suggest you to click on this link to make things easier for you ;)

Most Influential Blogger Janette Toral Influenced by Me

I have been thinking about the influential bloggers that have always inspired me in my blogging. The very first person that came into my mind was Ms. Janette Toral of  the She's the epitome of the word and she has inspired many aspiring bloggers that I anxiously posted a link to her Facebook Wall. 

A few minutes later, she responded positively to the sort of link bait because truly, I meant what I said, but with a link to my Influential People Link. After several minutes, my Influence has drastically grown from 2-10, whoooa! You see, You are more influential than you think. 

I think it was a perfect timing that I posted the link on her Wall earlier than anyone else and though I may not have the most influence that other people on the web are already enjoying, though I feel that I am just one person to the world (you know how the cliche goes so don't make me complete it), at least I tried.

Degrees of Influence

You know what they say about the change you could create in a person's life and the best way to pay back is to pay it forward? It's when a single and little act of kindness echoes and touches many more lives when the little act is shared or forwarded. Below is a video entitled Pay it Forward and how your influence could influence more lives.

Now, you think you're influential enough?

Remember: “You don't have to be a "person of influence" to be influential. In fact, the most influential people in my life are probably not even aware of the things they've taught me.”

 You are more influential than you think. 

Be my "influencee"

A SPAcial Saturday - Why Ricky Reyes and David's Salon Are Not-So-Good Salons

Why David's Salon and Ricky Reyes are Over-rated

My Not-So-Good Ricky Reyes Experience

A couple of months ago, I decided to have my hair cut. It was not an easy decision and most people who know me know so well why. It's all because my mother dear wouldn't want me to. She loves to comb my hair every morning and it would hurt her so much if I would insist into having my hair cut. 

However, I decided that it's way too long that I need some change. So I decided to have my hair cut in Ricky Reyes in SM City Iloilo. Since they're quite popular here in the Philippines and their simple hair cut costs Php 200.00 (take note that it's way more expensive than the regular hair cuts in most barber shop or salons since others only charge around Php50-70), I thought they'd give me better service.

I was wrong.

So the gay who cut my hair asked me what kind of style do I want for my hair. I told him anything but he gotta make sure it's not the usual straight cut. So he started cutting it with the "U" shape telling me that "V"-shaped hair looks dull and damaged. So I agreed and like a flash of a lightning, my 13" hair was turned into 8". I don't have problems with length of the hair, that's fine if he cut it to 5" I don't really mind. What's the use of having your hair cut if you won't allow them to cut it to such a length. The problem is, when I tried to ask suggestions, the gay barber didn't even bother to give any. 

I guess they were too assured about being well known that they don't bother to please new customers anymore. Well, tell you what, you will definitely get what you gave, no more new customers. Or may lose old ones.

David's Salon's Place and the Staff Weren't Really Good

With the not-so-good experience in Ricky Reyes, I decided to ask friends as to where I could get a quality service at the same price. So today I went to have my hair cut in David's Salon in Robinson's Place. The receptionist was friendly and the place was a little more welcoming but what the heck, the staff weren't as professional as I expected them to be! I mean yeah they're friendly but they gave me an impression that they've just had their training yesterday and started officially working today! I got their "promo" package of Php485.00 (hair cut + hot oil). I also had a manicure and pedicure for Php 180.00 (usually Php 200.00 but I got a 10% discount, thanks to my Prive card).

So I had my hair shampooed with some pleasant to the nose shampoo, I loved it. The hairdresser was again a gay. He asked me what style and I told him anything that would suit me. 

My friend told me that David's Salon have pleasant staff. Well yeah, except for my hairdresser. He didn't show me any maldita attitude but he didn't show any good attitude either. So he cut my hair with the "U" style again and it was good, then I decided to have bangs. Then while having my hot oil treatment, another staff was providing me a manicure and pedicure service. The manicure and pedicure were all good. I had french tips for manicure and maroon nail polish for my pedicure. 

In fairness to the assistant who took charge after my hot oil, he's a guy. He looked under-trained but he seem to be taking his job seriously. He patiently blow dried my hair and I appreciate hot oil treatments now. It's just that he's a little unsure about what he's doing. 

When my hair is all dried I realized that the bangs that their not-so-good hair dresser cut was a little too short and it was side-sweep so he said it's just how I usually divide my hair that's keeping it from getting the look that most Koreans and Filipinas have when they have their bangs. Ok, fine, you think I should have my neighbor cut my hair instead, she has done it herself and gosh, she didn't even the training that you "famous" salons brag about! I went to a "professional" salon to have my hair cut professionally and expect my hair to look better than before I stepped into your place but I guess I've just got too blinded with how "popular" your name is. 

Thanks to My SPA Therapy Center for Such a Welcoming and Warm Service

Frustrated with how my bangs have turned out and David's Salon has failed my expectation, I decided to get a facial and some body massage. It looks like a place called "My SPA Therapy" has got some combo services. I looked at Facial and they have a combo for "Facial + Body Scrub" for Php 399.00. There are many other combos like "Footscrub  + Body Massage" but since I really want a facial, I opted for my first option.

It was a total blackout in the part of the city when I arrived so it was really "therapeutic" and you know the usual spa candlelight. Well, unlike the cozy and really elegant setting in Spa Riviera, My SPA Therapy setting was simpler and their space is way smaller. 

Awesome Facial Service and Body Scrub at My Spa Therapy

What I like about their facial service is that they don't prick the blackheads or pimples! It's purely therapeutic and I don't have to worry about ugly little scars. The couch where I laid down and almost slept was very comfortable and so the facial was so-so. They have this little battery-operated (ready for blackout, huh?) device that removes the blackheads and it was good. Though there was no head massage, it was a good experience.

I then went upstairs to take a shower and got ready for the body scrub. I enjoyed the body massage in Spa Riviera before so I thought I'd try a body scrub in the My Spa Therapy this time. What's good about them is that they provided me with a disposable underwear unlike in most Spa centers where you just have a towel or something. I think it was clever to provide a disposable underwear.

The scrub that was used was salt+milk (yeah the one that you could just buy in Watson's in SM Department Stores) but the owner mixed some additional essences that made it a little more therapeutic. I had a great time in the said spa center. RC, the girl who provided me with the service was very pleasant and we talked a lot and at the end of the session, I gave her Php100.00 because I felt that it was such a good experience. 

Why Should You Try Pampering Yourself

I promised my always exhausted self that I will pamper it once in awhile, perhaps twice a month and the best way to do it is to visit spa centers. They have various services such as facial, manicure, pedicure, body massage, body scrub, diamond peel, detoxification and many others that will help your body rejuvenate and really feel relaxed and anew. Come on, your body deserves some treat with all the works that it's been doing. 

So yeah, even if the beauty salons weren't as impressive as I perceived them to be (blame it to the commercials and too much marketing), I think spa centers were able to relieve and compensate it and I can really say that anyone should give it a try!

Surviving the Recession by Quitting Your Job

Your Job Is No Longer As Secured as You Thought It Is

The United States and the rest of the world hasn't recovered well from the global recession yet. Millions of people are still losing their jobs every day and the norm that your job is your greatest security no longer works. Even blue collar workers are not safe from getting laid off. The truth is, these are the people that are highly vulnerable during these days. The people with the highest position are actually at a higher probability of getting fired as the company wants to cut down costs and really get the best value out of what they pay for. These people are actually the very first group of individuals that the management will evaluate and see if they really give the most value for the salary that they're paid.

If the management has confirmed that they're being overpaid, they only have 2 options:

1. Either they'd agree into being underpaid, or 
2. Forced to give up their jobs

Most corporate executives were born not to choose any of the two as they believe that they have proven themselves enough and that they are indispensable or what Seth Godin calls, linchpin. The truth is, they have just given the management much better options.

a. Fire them and outsource
b. Hire another manager with a lower salary

The economy is in bad shape that most people I know would call me practical yet highly superficial for I always telling them to save money when they thought they can't. For some it may sound ridiculous but for those who really want to take control of their finances, of their future, it may not be easy but it's possible. Others may think that I am trying to ask someone with a bunion to keep walking without anything that supports them. Most people think that their jobs are their security, their haven and during the times when they feel the most painful effects of recession, they could rely on their jobs to walk and survive.

We must have been indoctrinated by our parents that the best way to earn lots of money is to study hard, get high grades, go to grad school and work for the Fortune 500 company. As kids, we grew up with the idea that the only way to make money is to work. Well, it still  is, but it doesn't mean that you have to be restricted in the four corners of your cube or the walls of your workspace. 

There's more to life than the blue-collar jobs!

Getting Fired Could Be a Blessing In Disguise

Steve Jobs lost his job in the company that he co-founded.

You might laugh at the thought but it's true! 

He was  fired in the year 1985 and learned that, "Getting fired is an awful tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it".

However, he also noted that, "The heaviness of being successful was being replaced by being a beginner again".

Take Control Of Your Finances, Take Control Of Your Future

Steve Jobs didn't spend his whole life being bitter about the people who outnumbered him during their meeting and decided to fire him. Neither did he spend the rest of his lives blaming the government, the people around him, the constitution nor complaining about what's wrong with the world around him. He actually took the challenge and took advantage of the opportunity and start anew with the hope and turned the table on his advantage. He strive to turn his weakness into strength.

What Should You Do Next?

Steve Jobs founded NeXT, which eventually paved his way to return to Apple and what's good about his return is that he didn't sought revenge or anything silly of that sort. He used the second chance given to him to prove his worth and to continually create positive changes in the lives of millions of people through his creations and ideas. That's when iPod, iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPad were created.

He continued,

"Don't be trapped by dogma which is living by other people's opinion. Don't let the voice of others drown your very own inner voice".

He also mentioned that "the only way to do great work is to love what you do."

The only way to succeed in what you do is to love it. Think of something you really love to do and just do it. Money will follow as you strive to keep learning, improving, innovating in what you really love to do.

Below is a video of Steve Jobs' speech during Stanford University's Commencement Exercises. He spoke about how one could be hungry, be fool and eventually become successful.

Establishing After Quitting 

Robert Kiyosaki said that we need build the 21st century's business. You can't just quit your job without a back up plan just as Steve Pavlina earned a lot of money during the recession. These guys had a plan B for their future. Instead of depending their future on their 401(k) or their retirement savings, they quit the jobs that used to promise financial stability and did what they do best, they established their own businesses!

Why Schools (Even Graduate Schools) Fail

Schools and universities failed in preparing the students for the worst scenario that's why when the global crisis came, a lot of people became devastated and completely lost with options. It is because universities are training the students to become employees and not entrepreneurs!

If you think that you can dodge the recession with graduate school, think again! Penelope Trunk pointed out that, "The more desperate you are for a job, the more likely you are to take a job that doesn’t teach you what you want to learn. And then you get to that job and you think, “Grad school could solve this problem.” But in fact, grad school creates larger, and more insurmountable problems. And some the problems you’re trying to solve with grad school might not be problems at all."

You see, instead of growing, you might just enclose yourself in a harder shell of which you will have a hard time to come out. Instead of unleashing the power in us to become entrepreneurs, we try to sink in the four corners of our cubicles and hope to keep a job that's been gradually burying the entrepreneur and great potentials in us.

Just as "death is the greatest invention of life because it clears up the old to make way for the new", as Steve Jobs said, recession also aims to flush out the crippling dogma in us and wants to unleash the best in us.

The situation calls for heroes!

You can just make yourself one by defying your current circumstances and start your own business.

The greatest entrepreneurs and most successful and wealthy people didn't count on their degrees to succeed in life. Most of them actually didn't have degrees.

One of the world's greatest billionaires, Bill Gates, even quipped:

"I studied everything but never topped. Today, the topnotcher of the best universities are my employees".

Now, the choice is yours.

Deal with the recession with a positive attitude and rise above the blues that you're into by turning your weaknesses into strength, or keep yourself trapped with the belief that your job (the one which you always complain having about) will save you and help you survive in this recession.

The choice is yours. A new entrepreneur in you might just be born in the midst of the chaos.