What Does Highbrow Shopping and Stock Market Investing Have in Common?

High Brow Shopping is Simply Looking for Best Buy Items

Well you are right. I got the word from Penelope Trunk’s post again.

I am starting to feel that people might think I am trying so hard to become like her.

Well, no.

I am happy being fondly called by my friends as “jonharules” and that’s gonna stay that way.

I like it that way.

When you have a highbrow, you get the best products at their best prices or you can call it a really best buy. You look at products that are on sale or discounted or even fire shot prices and you buy them because you see that their qualities are actually higher than they’re currently priced. It’s like looking at those aetas on the road and wonder what talents do they have. It’s like making friends with the town’s bad boy and seeing what’s good in him. Well yes, I do that every time I walk on my way to Callbox and always get to see aetas who lay on the ground with their families and I always keep musing to myself as to what if they live in homes just like we usually do and what if their colors were not black. Basically, when you’re highbrow shopping, you don’t necessarily buy the overrated products because of their brand names. You look for simple and often scoffed upon products because they’re considered to be cheap and show the whole world that these cheap products actually are of good quality and being a good buyer, you were able to find them!

My collection of shoes that I happen to have acquired by highbrow shopping. These are surprisingly affordable and durable shoes. 

The first group of people that comes to mind when I think about best buys are Ilocanos. People believe that they’re kuripot or I prefer calling it prudent (oh how I love Tagalog words sound less offensive than they actually are when translated to English!). My mom’s one of them. I grew up with a mom who has always been wise in spending the budget. She doesn’t necessarily buy the cheapest, she buys products that are discounted and she’s very good at finding them!

Items at Php350 only. Another way of highbrow shopping is buying during sale times or its when stores are selling their items at "All-Must-Go" period. Well, I guess it's what almost everyone has been doing, so it's not really much of a skill. So that's a picture of my high heeled sandals which I got for only Php350 and a relatively attractive bag I got from Mags for only Php350 as well when it's supposed to be around Php1000, I guess. 

Again, these are highbrow bought items. I could only count the number of branded clothes and bags that I have. I have never been a fan of them because I was accustomed to buying best buy products. My mom has trained me to become one and I am forever grateful for her for giving me such training.

Hopping and Highbrow Shopping

Today I decided to highbrow shopping since I got some funds from my Google Adsense earnings. Well yeah, there's really money from blogging.

I have been meaning to buy Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad but I got swayed with the shoes displayed at Sam’s Shoemart while I was on my way to Robinshon’s Mall where I’m supposed to buying the said book.

Well, I know I should be a wise spender because I am saving all that I can for our rent-to-own house in Calumpang.

Every time I get tempted to buy something I don’t really need, I keep reminding myself about my long-term goals and try to overcome the desire of the moment.

I have a house to save for. I have a house to save for. 

A roof above my head is much more important than the heels on my feet.
Or the bags in my shoulders and remind myself that I already got bazillion of them in the closet.

Best Buy Places in Iloilo

I could easily count these places with one hand, or maybe a couple. But I am sure I could easily tell you where they’re located because I frequently visit them. I want to give you million-dollar tips and advices as to where you could find the highbrow products because there’s just a few of them.

Again, they’re not necessarily cheap.

These are establishments that really give value to the money that you’re spending and if they’re publicly offering some of their stocks, I wouldn’t have second thoughts of investing in them. But I guess they’re still too small for stocks that I could actually talk to their owners and we could agree about me becoming a business partner for them.

Yes, highbrow shopping is not just shopping. It’s also thinking about the business growth opportunity that you can find in the establishment that you’re buying products to. I have a habit of thinking about the potentials of many establishments during shopping.

1. CPT Mart

What products or services do they sell or offer?

I used to buy all of our groceries from SM Department Store since I have an SM Advantage card. However, my mom was able to find a place wherein she buys our groceries even before the said card expired so I was compelled to check out their products. On the way to the grocery, you will go through a tunnel-like way with several stalls or kiosks of cellphone accessories, pirated DVD’s and really cheapest deals of almost everything. I also got to purchase some of my clothes from there. Most of their clothes cost and look really cheap so again, it takes some scrutinizing and highbrow browsing before you could find the best deals but let me assure you that you will surely find one.

How do I get there?

I’m not very good with streets but if you’re coming from Jaro, Iloilo, you simply ride the Jaro CPU jeepney and stop in the Amigo Hotel and then across the street you will find the good guys who are selling fruits like oranges and apples, go past through them and then you will find several peanuts vendors and you will see a small tunnel-like door, that’s it!

Don’t worry, ask people out in that area and they should be able to direct you easily. It's pretty much of a household name to wise buyers.

2. Marymart

What products or services do they sell or offer?

If you’re looking for second hand and really cheap latest cellphones, Marymart is the place to go. I got my first ever camera phone from there and it was surprising that it lasted for more than a year. Again, that’s what you call highbrow shopping. But it’s not just the cheapest gadgets that you will get to find there. You will also find stalls that sell some really trendy yet affordable clothes. Magarbo, which is home to hand-me-down-clothes, has also 3 branches in the said mall.

Clothes and Shoes Shops

When you take the escalator, you will see Magarbo right away. Then if you continue walking, you will find bazaars that sell trendy clothes at Php 100-350. There are also shoes at Php250. But then, I am for highbrow shopping.

3. Sharmila 

It is an establishment in Marymart mall that sells some really trendy, catchy and uber tempting clothes. At first glance, you would think that they sell clothes at Php300 or above but trust me; they’re only at around Php250 and below! I guess they’re home to Php100 only clothes. These are classy looking and really worth the price clothes.

There are many other establishments wherein I buy my shoes and clothes but I forgot what their names are. Some of the clothes are only for Php75.00 and I could actually talk them into selling 3 clothes for Php200! These are not necessarily cheap clothes, they’re just simply affordable.

Food and Beverages

I may be the thrifty spender that you will ever see but then I am still a lady. I easily get tempted and could automatically drool in shoes, bags and foods.

Exactly in the said order.

Girls in general could easily get tempted with shoes, bags and then food just as men could easily get tempted with sex. Did you know that we could easily fall for those items than we could fall for your charms? It should tip you off that the best way to a woman’s heart are shoes, bags and foods just as food is the way to a man’s heart.

4. Mang Inasal

I love inasal or anything grilled. Mang Inasal has got really tasty foods at affordable prices. They have paborito (favorite) and sulit (worth it) meals and the former comes with unlimited rice! Sounds like every glutton’s haven, eh? It sure is! Ok so I am not paid for advertising for any of these establishments, I just love how they provide some real and good value with your money.

5. Green Mango
Every time I stop in the Jaro Plaza to take the Jaro CPU jeep, I easily get tempted with the pictures of the foods in the glass window of Green Mango. Too much to my surprise when I realize that they’re not actually expensive! Presyong pangmasa talaga, ika nga.

I promise myself that when I get really really wealthy, I would acquire a franchise of this establishment because I really believe in the value that they provide.

6. Chooks-to-Go

Just recently, I saw a commercial of Lea Salonga endorsing Bounty Fresh and it’s surprising to see that the said company owns Chooks-to-Go.

I fell in love with the chicken that this establishment sells when I went to my hometown in Kalibo. Unlike most grilled chickens that need to be accompanied by poorly prepared sauces, Chooks-to-Go doesn’t need any because it’s already cooked with the chicken! Their grilled chickens are really tasty and affordable. I think we got a whole chicken at Php 150. Now, isn’t that the essence of highbrow shopping!

Why Highbrow Shopping is in Similitude to Stock Market Investing?

It occurred to me that I have a talent for finding establishments and products that are actually cheaply priced when compared to their actual value. Thanks to my Ilocana mom.

When it comes to investing, you need to find companies that have high intrinsic value. That means that they’re selling stocks at prices that are lower than their actual value! Bo Sanchez identified these companies in his My Maid is Investing in Stock Market ebook.

Here’s a list of companies that are “subok na matibay, subok na matatag”. The information is available to all Citiseconline.com members and online stock market investors and since Bo already revealed it, I am sharing them to you as well. Citiseconline is almost spoon-feeding the newbie and pro investors alike so this got me jumping into the badwagon.


And here’s a list of companies wherein Bo Sanchez is highbrow investing. These companies are selling their stocks way lower than that of the companies above but once they reach their target selling price, you will surely appreciate that you put in your money with them. I know, highbrow investing again.

Stock Code                          Stock Name

FGEN                                  First Gen Corporation
EDC                                    Energy Development Corporation
FPH                                    First Phil Holdings
EEI                                      Engineering Equipment
URC                                    Universal Robina Corporation

Learning More about Stock Market Investment

I am no pro when it comes to stock market investing, but I am learning.
1. Utilize the technology at your advantage, visit blogs that share their investing and trading experiences.

2. Ask friends who have been doing it and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you (that’s why I like making friends with people older than I am because you will really find value in their thoughts and experiences) considering the fact that too little people, or Filipinos, are into this type of investment.

3. Stay informed by being interested with the latest news

Every news will soon interest you, or they should.

All of them, especially the financial standing of the world and that of the Philippines, will affect your stock market investment, so it would be wise to keep yourself updated and know which baskets you should be putting your hard-earned eggs in.

It is very important that you should always look into the potential value of things not just in stock market investing but also with people. You never know that the person who’s sitting right next to you may just become the next President, or your eternal partner, haha. Always look into what’s best in everyone and everything. It helps, trust me. In a world where everything seems to depreciate in value just as people’s values often do, it is very essential to look into the brighter, bigger side of things. Hope you enjoy learning on how you can effectively highbrow shopping and stock market investing!


Anonymous said...

Interesting term, highbrow shopping, that is. I like how to compared it to stock market investing and how you were able to determine which establishments are really giving the best value to its consumers.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a good assessment to compare the Aetas and the highbrow shopping. I think you should start reading the Philippine history. The Aetas as you called it are the Negritoes, the native people of the Philippines. Check it out you might want to learn about these native people.