How Can Pride Rob You of Many Possible Blessings

All Too Proud Mom

Maritess (not her real name) was the first person who welcomed us to Magdalena Village when we moved from New Buswang. She's a very outgoing person. She has 3 little boys during the time that we moved. The first thing that I noticed about Maritess is that she's very proud of her kids.

Well, I guess most moms are.

There's nothing wrong about being proud of your kids. 
My mom, though she may not be a stage mom, has always been very proud of me. I don't know, she just have the skill of finding what's best in me, though I may not always have the best characteristics.

Maritess was specifically proud of her eldest son, Peter (not his real name).

Peter had honor in elementary. I thought he will study in the school where I had my high school diploma. Students who studied in the Regional Science High School for Region VI were considered the "cream of the crop". So I thought Peter would enroll there. They decided to have him enroll in an arts and trade school instead. 

That's fine, the school was close to our village and that should help them save some money that's supposed to be spent for the fare. Getting to Old Buswang, where RSHS is (my school), is a little costly since we need to ride a couple of tricycles.

Not really costly, but if you sum all the money that we spent for 4 years getting back and forth to the school, I could have bought a Chevrolet. Or maybe just a pedicab, haha. You know I wasn't too serious about that, didn't you?!

It doesn't matter, what I'm trying to say is that Peter's family did a practical choice of sending him to a school closer to our village.

>So Peter graduated from high school.
Maritess was proud of his son, as always.

But not as proud as she used to be. Peter didn't get excellent grades thus he's no longer included in their honor roll. 

I expected that would be the case since Peter now knows how to skip classes and he seem to have discovered other classrooms other than that they have in the school.

Fancy Whims Over Needs

Earlier today, mom asked me to send them a text message and ask how things are in our former village. Me and my mom moved in the city so we needed to keep in touch to see how things are in my hometown. But even before I could hit the send button, she told me that Peter no longer goes to school.

He's supposed to be in college now.

Had it not been for too much pride.

Maritess chose to buy a gigantic television instead of sending her eldest son to college.

The TV was not LED since they purchased it even before the word existed. All I know is that it costs more than both my part-time and full-time jobs salaries combined.

Or maybe not, but all I know is it's too expensive.

I don't have anything against Maritess.
They're very good, outgoing family. A typical Filipino family.
They think more as to what other people would think about them thus robing his son the opportunity to go to school. To her, what the world would perceive of them is much more important than what her son could have achieved in school. 

When typhoon Frank hit Aklan, the television was included in many properties that were shattered by the natural disaster.

Along with it, Maritess' pride (television).

It doesn't matter, his ultimate pride's future has long been shattered by her choice.

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