Cashed Out a Passive Income from Google Adsense Today!

Passive Income from Google Adsense

I definitely love Google! I use almost all of its products from Gmail, Google Wave, Google Chrome and hopefully soon enough, Google Voice!

While I was checking my Google Adsense account last night, I noticed that my previous balance of at least $100.00 was turned into $8.75!

Instead of the usual "View Estimated Earnings: All Time", I saw "Since last payment".

And there it was, Google Adsense has paid me $103.70!!!! 

I guess all my efforts for building several blogs for celebrity news, Facebook statuses collection, Home Reading Report, make money online with blogging and bazillion of other free-hosted Blogger blogs are paying off.

Thanks to all of my avid readers, visitors and blogger friends for making these all happen. Above all things, I wanna thank God for always always giving me tons of ideas to write about. 

Below is the Statement of Earnings from Google Adsense and a proof that my blogging has brought me apassive income. I get to write about anything I want and get paid for it! What a cool way of earning while having fun! Here's my blog that has been giving me some really passive income through bazillion of organic visitors daily. 

Making Money While Learning and Having Fun

Making money online is not just for pro-bloggers like Darren Rowse. Newbies can also make money online through blogging just as I was able to make it. Not as much as these big names are making so much money though. But then again, it doesn't matter, as long as you're enjoying what you're doing and helping people out with your informative thoughts.

I hope this will serve as an inspiration for those who want to share their thoughts online. Don't be afraid to be critiqued by your readers as from there, you will get to learn, earn and share. 

By the way, here's a post wherein I wrote about the 3 Sure Ways to Make Money with Your Blog.

Getting Your Adsense Payment from Western Union Quick Cash

I used to admire bloggers who display their earnings from their blogging with a check. I wanted to take the same payment option as well. However, a friend warned me that it may get lost on its ways so I decided to opt for the Wester Union Quick Cash instead.

It's so easy and safer!

1. Go to My Account Tab
Click on the Account Settings tab. There you will see your personal and contact information like your full name, address, Adsense Property information and Payment Details. In this case, you only need to focus on the Payment Details and select the Western Union Quick Cash option instead of the Check options.

a. Check - Standard Delivery *
b. Check - Secured Express Delivery ($24.00 Processing Fee) learn more **

2. Payment every 25th of th month
Google Adsense pays you every the 25th of the month once you reach their minimum cash our of $100.00. So be sure to claim your money before it reaches the usual waiting time of 30 days. It took me 5 days to realize the money has long been waiting for me! haha

Don't worry if you can't claim it right away though because it will be credited or carried over to your total earnings, which will be sent on the 25th of the next month.

3. Go to the nearest Western Union Outlet
Don't forget to bring with you at least two valid ID's like SSS, GSIS, School ID, Driver's license and/or Passport. They required me one earlier today, but hey, better be safe and sure than be sorry! Bring along a couple of valid ID's for faster processing.

4. Important Details to Remember
It is very important that you remember the following essential information in withdrawing your Google Adsense earnings from Western Union.

In the May Account Tab, then Payment History, you will see when was the last time you got paid.

Look for the latest month wherein you got paid, or in this case, they paid me on the 25th of May. Click on that and you will then be directed to a Statement of Earnings.

Be sure to take note of the following information for sure processing of your Google Adsense payment through Western Union.

Your payment is available for pick-up the day after the payment date above
Remember to bring the following when you pick up your payment at a local Western Union agent:
  • The amount of your payment
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
  • Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
  • Sender's information:
  • Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA

Withdrawing your Google Adsense earnings through Western Union is much easier and faster than traditional checks. If you've been dealing with checks at some point in your life, you might as well agree that they're much more convenient.

I hope this will help inspire many newbie bloggers in making money online though blogging. You don't have to be really good in order for you to earn, you simply need to be willing to learn and discipline yourself in consistently updating your blog. Happy Blogging!


Anonymous said...


Your achievement encourages me to continue. I have recently started to blog. I am enjoying but I find challenging to generate traffic to my blog. Will keep trying.


Rodelio Lagahit said...

wow!!! there's really money in Google....can't wait for month-end earnings ...

bloggista said...

COngratulations! Hehe. The beauty about adsense is that once you hit the 100USD mark, you always get it month after month, and the challenge is how to hit 200, then 500, then 1000.

In your case, there's no doubt that you'll hit 1000 very soon. :-)

On western union, they now require just one ID.

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Hi Kuya Roel,

Yun yun eh, long term goal dapat! haha Ang galing, siguro ikaw eh $1000 ka na ngayon no?

Grabee ka naman, hindi ako ganun kagaling tulad mo!

Ooo nga, I should have mentioned na 1 lang Naks, alam na alam mo ah, palagi ka siguro dun.

Joliber said...

Congratulations jonha.. googogoogo.. since naka 100 ka na, then for sure marami ka na ideas para maabot mo ang 4 figures.. and the way you blog, mas malaki ang chances for real passive adsense earnings.. just push more para mabasa na namin na you hit the four-digit mark... gooogogoogoo jonha.. we support you all the way..

Jonha @ Happiness said...

Maraming maraming salamat Joliber at sa iba pang nageencourage, it means so much to me!

Actually hindi ko pa alam kung anong strategy gagawin ko kasi hindi ko naman sya pinagtutuunan ng pasin talaga, as in passive nga, but I will look into that, don't worry share ko din dito sa blog ko. :)

Salamat sa supporta! ikaw din, ganda ng settings mo sa ads ah.

Joliber said...

I suggest you read the adsense secret by joel comm.. after reading it and implementing the very basic concepts, mabibigla ka na lang at lalaki ang adsense mo.. pero the best thing to do it is split testing ng ad placement so you can really verify which one works better..

Tsaka, you must capitalize on channeling so you can check which blog gives the most of the revenue.. although yu can integrate google analytics too for better analysis of top earning pages..

Tim | Every Peso Counts said...

Wow! Just want to greet you "congratulations" first! I'm not sure but I'd just like to make a precaution about publishing your earning, "I'm not sure" but there might be some adsense policy governing this. If not, then I guess it's ok. :)

Gil l Learn Financial Education said...

Hi Jonha! Congrats to your 1st Adsense cash out. I hope I will cash out my first adsense earning in the future. Keep it up!

Elvz said...

Congrats Jonha! keep up the good work :)

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Thanks for all the support and tips everyone! It only proves that there's really money online! Keep blogging! :)

Christyleh said...

Wow ang saya naman..
Can I ask something?
How long did it took you to reach 100USD?
Let's get connected on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Galing. Ako twice na ako naka sahod sa adsense. Galing talaga ng adsense. Hope to increase my earnings these coming months too. Now almost 100 narin.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your earnings. To date, how much na average eranigns mo on a monthly basis?

Bloggirl said...

Thanks for sharing, I feel fervently about this and I like learning about this subject. If possible, as you gain information, please update this blog with more information. I have found it really useful.
Thanks ^_^

Anonymous said...

hello po sir gusto po sana malaman kung anong klaseng postal service ang nagpadala sa inyo ng address verification pin' philpost?fedex? o iba pa? gusto ko kcng itanong sa knila kung nandun na ung address verification pin ko, pls reply salamat

Rayman said...

Galing tlaga ng mga pinoy.. Ako rin I've making money sa adsense ko. Malaki na rin kita ko sa adsense alam ko kasi ano yon dapat isulat na may high cpc (cost per click). Ngayon kumita na ako ng higit 300 USD. Galing talaga.

steve abiva said...

bro..kumita rin ako sa adsense..may tip ako sa mga bago na may adsense na.. look for Safe Adsense Visitor sa fb.. they can help you reach 100 usd..good luck..

AdsenseGT said...

Guys..nag cash na ako sa adsense ko. $292 ang na cash ko sa western union. Next cash ko more than 500 USD.. galing talaga..

Cydrick Balios said...

pano yung phone #? ayaw tanggapin yung cp # eh

Mars Encoder said...

hai poh.. paano pob bah maq cashout may $400 plus na poh unq google adsense account ko.. tapos naq request na ako nq pin. sabi nla wait daw ako nq 3 to 6 weeks.. bat d pa dumatinq unq pin?? here po ako sa composte valley.. tnx poh sana may maq reply..

Blogger said...

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