How to Sell Your Blogger Blogs

Selling Your Blogspot Blog is Possible But It's Against Google's TOS

Have you ever thought about selling your Blogger-hosted blog? Well if you some pretty website with considerable amount of traffic, then you might have the guts to, but tell you what, think again because selling your Blogspot-hosted blog (with this I mean the free hosting plus the domain name with the extension) is completely against the TOS (Terms of Service).

7. No Resale of the Service. Unless expressly authorized in writing by Google, you agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes (a) any portion of the Service, (b) use of the Service, or (c) access to the Service.

Once you get caught doing this, your Blogger blogs will then be banned and who knows, they might even ban your IP address! (There's always a way to get around this though).

There are a couple of ways though that you can sell your Blogspot or Blogger blog if you really want to. One is to transfer the ownership to someone else/buyer or getting a paid hosting (that's when you get rid of the extension).

How to Transfer Your Blogger Blog to Someone Else/Buyer

1. Log in to your blogspot account.
Click on the “Settings” tab of the blog you want to sell.
Now click on “Permissions” tab.
Now click on “Add Authors” tab. Check the below screenshot.

In the box area, type the e-mail ID of the person whom you want to sell, or the e-mail ID of the person you want to transfer or the e-mail ID of your another account (if you are interested to transfer the blog in stead of selling).

Now hit on Invite. The invite to join the blog as an author will be sent to the person.

2. Now the invite is sent to the person. When he will accept that invitation to join the blog as an author (yup, the invitation will go to join the blog as an author), he will see your blog in his blogspot account’s dashboard.
Once he accepts the invitation, you will find his mail ID in the “Permissions” tab. Next to that, there will be a “Add as Admin” option. Click on that and make him the admin of your blog.
Now the blog is having two admins. You and your invited person.
From now on, he can do anything with the blog that a normal Admin can do. He can even delete you from the Admins.

3. Ask the other Admin to remove you from the admins list and that’s it.
Once he deletes you from the admins list, he is the only left admin, which means he is the solo owner of the blog now, which also means that you have sold or transffered your blogspot blog to an another person.

This is the process to sell or transfer blogspot blogs to someone else for the purpose of selling it but again, this is against the Blogger's TOS.

Selling Your Blogspot Username and PasswordLogin

How on earth would Blogger know that you sold or will be selling your Blogspot-hosted blog when you do the process under the table? You can simply provide the username and password to the buyer. The drawback of this is that the buyer will then have access to your other blogs and your email.

If you're really serious about making money with your blog without violating Blogger's TOS (terms of service), you better transfer the hosting to a paid hosting and buy a domain name for that blog (the traffic would be affected if redirecting is not part of the package but I guess most hosting also provides that). 

I do not suggest you going against the Blogger's terms of service as it will only yield more loss than gain. 

Have you done blog flipping before? Let us hear your success stories. 

Stay Away from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Promos as they are Scammers!!!!

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Freebies and Misleading Marketing Tactics

Don't talk to strangers.

It's probably one of the first few things that parents tell us as kids so we could avoid getting into trouble. It's one of the most important reminders that I failed to give heed last Saturday, June 12th, 2010.

Me and my mom were in SM Cebu City to purchase our food since the next day we will not be shopping as part of our Sabbath Day observance. We bought some groceries and decided to stop by Jonie's restaurant. Since SM Cebu is a bit bigger than SM Iloilo, we were not used to where Jonie's is situated. We passed by a group of ladies and a guy who asked me if I wanted to own a car and if I already have one.

In most cases especially when I'm alone, I wouldn't give them even my slightest attention. However, that day, I decided to be a little polite though we were in a hurry so I could utilize the ticket that was given by our former neighbor in Aklan. I was about to go to Cebu Coliseum so I could get to see the Youth's Cultural Presentation. But everything changed when I listened to the ridiculous sales agents of PPLIC or Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company.

The lady who approached me was Loreli. She was in green long sleeved and formal attire and she kept on saying that she would take some of my precious time to introduce their company but she wouldn't be selling me anything. I just realize we've always been saying that when telemarketing. I was so stupid to have fallen to such a bait. To cut the story short, I have been duped by the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company sales agents. They're all over SM malls wearing green and would entice anyone they feel they could hoodwink and approach the unsuspecting people with freebies.

I have long been planning to take a life insurance but more of an investment or savings. I actually spoke with the manager of Insular Life in Iloilo about the plans and I love their products. It's just so surprising how I still got swayed by the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company (PPLIC) agents. They use PPLIC now since when you take a few minutes searching their whole name in Google, the third search result would be a proof that they're scammers.

They would bring you to their office with a lounge and a flat-screen TV and bazillion of agents in green while the guys are wearing formal attire with neckties. They would then ask you to sit down with an assigned 'presentor". Emelyn C. Pacatang was assigned to me. The first thing I noticed about her was she's fond of tapping in your shoulders or shaking hands. They seem to have a habit of trying to make a contact, and looking for a common ground.

She keeps on emphasizing that she's not selling anything. She showed me the picture of George Mercado, the Chairman of the Board of PPLIC (Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company). Then the next picture was that of the man behind wheels and they said that his wife, who's an OFW, won the Honda car from their raffle promo.

I am naturally skeptic. So my mom was. However, I don't know what exactly happened that day that I was lured into signing up with them. Clearly there was misleading and misrepresentation. They'd lure you into taking a free or giveaway (usually a tumbler, pillow, wall clock) and a chance to win $10,000 or a Honda car. It was all too sweet and when I looked at their sales agents in Iloilo earlier today, I still can't believe I was duped.

Credit Cards, Checkbook, Active Debit Card

That's a picture of me(with the white bag), a sales agent from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance, my mom(wearing apple green t-shirt) and Emelyn. Beware of the faces of the two scammers! You could be their next victim!

Loreli's first approach was to ask me if I have credit cards. I personally prefer not to have one. So she proceeded if I have a checkbook. I told her I have one but I left it in Iloilo. Then she persisted and figured I have a Debit or ATM card. She said that each item has corresponding points.

1. Credit Card - 2 points
2. Debit Card - 1 point
3. Checkbook - 3 points

She then asked me if my debit cards are active. She then told me that they wanted to give me a freebie in exchange of listening to their 45-minute presentation and again emphasized that they're not selling anything.

So to cut the story short, I signed up for their Endowment Savings Policy and they charged or deducted automatically an amount of Php 6,650 from my Debit Card.

Cancelling my Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Policy

As soon as we got back to Iloilo, I looked them up in Google and my intuition was confirmed.

I got scammed!

It's funny how I have been warning everyone about au pair scammers yet find myself duped by insurance scammers from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance.

I withdrawed all my remaining money from my BDO (Banco de Oro) Debit account so they wouldn't be able to deduct subsequent monthly premiums. I then called their customer service (02) 902-2300 and informed them that I want my policy to be canceled. They asked me about my reason and I told them I cannot deal with a company with a bad reputation and allows its agents to mislead.

Earlier today, I gave my letter of cancelation to their manager who identified herself as Renzel. She tried to talk me out about not canceling but I was firm about my decision. I gave her the letter and she then referred me to their Customer Service Representative, Joan Absalon. They processed my documents and received them while I kept a copy that they received it. I also asked for a SOA (Statement of Account) with a status of "Canceled upon inception".

They told me that I will need to wait for about 30-45 days.

I told them I don't give a dang as long as they cancel the policy!

While waiting for the whole process to finish, Renzel tried to be a little amicable by asking me questions about my work and people that we might know in common. I tried to be polite but told her I wouldn't disclose any more information.

Debit Card and Credit Card

Today I just realized that it's better to transact using a credit card especially with bigger amount of money involved because you can file a letter of dispute just in case things like this happens whereas for the Debit card, I would need to wait for the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance to process the refund.

The customer service representative from BDO (Banco de Oro) told me that they can't freeze my account or prevent the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance from deducting monthly fees from my account because I didn't sign an Auto Debit Arrangement Form with the bank and Signed a Continuous Billing form with the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance instead. Clearly, the bank doesn't have any hold on this. My only option is to terminate the account or have it closed. However, they would need the said account so they could charge me back or refund my initial payment and cease from deducting monthly payments on my card. I just wanted to be a little sure that the cancel status wasn't doctored. I just wanted to make sure they would no longer deduct any amount from my debit card.

Now I will need to wait for 30-45 days for the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance to process my request.

What I've Learned from Being Scammed

1. What doesn't kill me would make me stronger and wiser.
2. Do not easily trust people.
3. Research before you make a decision. You can't just decide about your life insurance in just 45 minutes!

Warning to Everyone

I've read an anecdote before that if anyone sells you an insurance, run away from them. The sales agents from Philippine Prudential Life Insurance are still very much free to lurk in all SM branches across the Philippines. The SM Management doesn't seem to care about what their tenants do as long as they comply with their payments and their business requirements.

It is therefore everyone's obligation to be warned and warn others! Kindly tell everyone you know not to fall for the Philippine Prudential Life Insurance or formerly Danvil's insurance scam.

Let us know if you've been through a similar situation and how you were able to get your money back.

UPDATE: I got a chance to speak with their corporate representatives and they explained to me that they do not tolerate these deceptive tactics by their agents. Before deciding on cancelling, you may want to read their side too by going here.

Below are some of the steps and links which you might need to cancel your policy and a sample cancellation letter.

Philippines Prudential Life Insurance has returned or credited my money back to my debit card today! (July 10, 2010) after 25 days!

Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Cancellation Letter Example

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in the Stock Market While You Are Young!

First I need to commend you for checking this post out. Most people like my age wouldn't even bother to check this out because of two reasons:

Investing is not as appealing as shopping and partying, at least to teenagers

1.  I mentioned investing and to most 20-ish, investing is not a cool thing. At least in general, it doesn't seem to be as appealing as partying and shopping. 

While most people I know are busy trying to figure out what's new in the Hollywood or who is Miley Cyrus' new boyfriend, I get busy reading about the latest news and what's up with the business world. My friends know that I don't talk with them unless it's "business" or mapagkakaperahan.

Investing may take away my money so why bother?

2. Another reason why most 20-ish people won't bother checking this post out is that they'd think that I would suggest them some get-rich-quickly scheme. Well, read on because I won't.

I must admit, I am such a risk-averse person. Well, most Filipinos are. That's why only 1% of Filipinos are investing in the stock market. It's not because Filipinos cannot afford to do so. Unfortunately, 99% of population are uneducated when it comes to this type of investing option. We're too lazy to study about it. Or maybe too nervous. Either way, it's crippling us to make the most of our money. We tend to choose the "easier" way which we have grown up seeing our parents did, investing in banks. 

Yes, banks are our traditional and most trusted vehicle of investment. Thanks to those fancy advertisements in the television that make us feel that our monies are secured. I'm not against about investing your money in banks, because I personally started with it. Again, it's your first step in investing.

But if you come to realize, Philippines probably has one of the highest inflation rate in the Asia, if not in the world. So what? How does it affect you? It greatly does! That means that last year I was earning 1% on my regular savings interest but now enjoying only 0.75! (Now how do I really say I am enjoying it when the banks are giving me but a small portion of the money that they're earning while they're making hefty amount of money when I borrow money from them starting with 6% as the lowest! )

I know, it's unfair. It's so unfair that I looked into many other investing options such as bonds, treasury bills, insurance and stock market invest. Anything, as long as I don't have debts!

I am still a newbie when it comes to investing. But at least I wanna get rich, or die trying.

If you're 20-ish and you're still reading, go clap 3 times for yourself. Clap. Clap. Clap.

If you're reading this post because you want to get rich right away, kindly go away as this post is not for you. My goal is to encourage and exhort as much 20-ish people like me, to invest. Whether it be with bank deposits, stock market, bonds, mutual funds or any other types of investment options, it doesn't matter. As long as you have th desire to invest. Well, here's what you need to do. Put aside a small portion of your monthly earnings and for starters, get a savings account. If you're having problems with saving, then most likely you'd have troubles investing because after all, where would you get the money to invest?  Perhaps you can go ahead and look for possible ways to make money first

That's a question I have been faced four years ago. I thought investing was only for rich people. I was wrong.

Investing is not for rich. It's for the people who want to get rich. Get rich or die tryin.

I wish there's someone who made me realize that in investing, time and timing are very essential. For the younger generations, utilize a powerful tool that most older people lack, time. You have plenty of time to earn, learn and start investing.

Now here's why you should consider investing in the stock market. Or in any other types of investment options. But for today's purpose, I suggest you investing in the stock market. 

1. It's where the money is

I always wondered what made Manny Villar so rich. Then with intensive research, I have learned that he worked, he earned, saved then invested--in many investment vehicles. He's such an intelligent investor like Benjamin Graham, he put his eggs in various baskets. With all these baskets, the basket for the stock market has the most eggs because it's where the money is. 

When you're earning 1% in regular savings (take note, my bank now gives me 0.75 only! They told me because it's what BSP told them), 3% on time deposits, you can earn at least 6% in a week. 

No kidding right there! I can give you bazillion of stories of people who have done it, but let me give you a classic one about how a college drop-out has become a millionaire. His name is Edward Lee. No he's not related to any Chinese business taipans. He had a school teacher for a mother and an ordinary door-to-door salesman for a father. He learned about the frenzy inside the stock market. He didn't get scared with those zigzag-like lines and dots in the stock market but actually got curious with them. He studied them, talked with people who are into it and invested and to cut the success story short (I know you just wanted to know  the ending, right?), he now owns  the fasting growing online broker in the Philippines, Citiseconline. Not to mention, he's a mega-millionaire. He's got bazillion of money, not in banks but in stocks! 

2. You own a part of it

One of the best advices that the intelligent investor, Warren Buffet ever gave is that in everything you invest into, think of it as your own. Well of course! How would it feel to step in to Jollibee store's doors and greet the security guard with pride because you own a small part of it? At first it may sound crazy but it's true! Literally.

3. Learning is constant

Of all things, I value learning the most. No money can compensate the learning that I have been enjoying for the past few days just by studying the stock market, getting tips from people who have been successfully doing it and the growth (in all aspect: intellectually, financially, emotionally) I have been experiencing. 

I learned how to highbrow shop. A skill that is not just useful in stock market investing but in daily dealings.

I became more curious and conscious of what's happening in my country and the world when I used to care only about what I dress I will wear for school. I've learned to appreciate the Accounting 111, 122 and what used to be boring banking and finance lessons I had. There are countless of benefits, stop robbing yourself of these opportunities. Again, NOW is the best time to invest in stock market.


I don't want you lurking around my blog telling me that you lost your fortune just because I encouraged you to get into this risky investment option. It should be noted that you should study all that you can about this option. You should learn the basics, consult a broker and really get yourselves be familiar with how it works before actually jumping into the wagon. What matters now is that you decided that you will save a portion of your earnings and decide that you want your money work for you and not you being slave forever for money. 

It doesn't matter what you have. It's what you do with what you have that makes a difference. 

Hope you're like the wise and talented person in the Bible who used his talents to multiple and didn't hoard it with the fear to lose it. 

What Does Highbrow Shopping and Stock Market Investing Have in Common?

High Brow Shopping is Simply Looking for Best Buy Items

Well you are right. I got the word from Penelope Trunk’s post again.

I am starting to feel that people might think I am trying so hard to become like her.

Well, no.

I am happy being fondly called by my friends as “jonharules” and that’s gonna stay that way.

I like it that way.

When you have a highbrow, you get the best products at their best prices or you can call it a really best buy. You look at products that are on sale or discounted or even fire shot prices and you buy them because you see that their qualities are actually higher than they’re currently priced. It’s like looking at those aetas on the road and wonder what talents do they have. It’s like making friends with the town’s bad boy and seeing what’s good in him. Well yes, I do that every time I walk on my way to Callbox and always get to see aetas who lay on the ground with their families and I always keep musing to myself as to what if they live in homes just like we usually do and what if their colors were not black. Basically, when you’re highbrow shopping, you don’t necessarily buy the overrated products because of their brand names. You look for simple and often scoffed upon products because they’re considered to be cheap and show the whole world that these cheap products actually are of good quality and being a good buyer, you were able to find them!

My collection of shoes that I happen to have acquired by highbrow shopping. These are surprisingly affordable and durable shoes. 

The first group of people that comes to mind when I think about best buys are Ilocanos. People believe that they’re kuripot or I prefer calling it prudent (oh how I love Tagalog words sound less offensive than they actually are when translated to English!). My mom’s one of them. I grew up with a mom who has always been wise in spending the budget. She doesn’t necessarily buy the cheapest, she buys products that are discounted and she’s very good at finding them!

Items at Php350 only. Another way of highbrow shopping is buying during sale times or its when stores are selling their items at "All-Must-Go" period. Well, I guess it's what almost everyone has been doing, so it's not really much of a skill. So that's a picture of my high heeled sandals which I got for only Php350 and a relatively attractive bag I got from Mags for only Php350 as well when it's supposed to be around Php1000, I guess. 

Again, these are highbrow bought items. I could only count the number of branded clothes and bags that I have. I have never been a fan of them because I was accustomed to buying best buy products. My mom has trained me to become one and I am forever grateful for her for giving me such training.

Hopping and Highbrow Shopping

Today I decided to highbrow shopping since I got some funds from my Google Adsense earnings. Well yeah, there's really money from blogging.

I have been meaning to buy Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad but I got swayed with the shoes displayed at Sam’s Shoemart while I was on my way to Robinshon’s Mall where I’m supposed to buying the said book.

Well, I know I should be a wise spender because I am saving all that I can for our rent-to-own house in Calumpang.

Every time I get tempted to buy something I don’t really need, I keep reminding myself about my long-term goals and try to overcome the desire of the moment.

I have a house to save for. I have a house to save for. 

A roof above my head is much more important than the heels on my feet.
Or the bags in my shoulders and remind myself that I already got bazillion of them in the closet.

Best Buy Places in Iloilo

I could easily count these places with one hand, or maybe a couple. But I am sure I could easily tell you where they’re located because I frequently visit them. I want to give you million-dollar tips and advices as to where you could find the highbrow products because there’s just a few of them.

Again, they’re not necessarily cheap.

These are establishments that really give value to the money that you’re spending and if they’re publicly offering some of their stocks, I wouldn’t have second thoughts of investing in them. But I guess they’re still too small for stocks that I could actually talk to their owners and we could agree about me becoming a business partner for them.

Yes, highbrow shopping is not just shopping. It’s also thinking about the business growth opportunity that you can find in the establishment that you’re buying products to. I have a habit of thinking about the potentials of many establishments during shopping.

1. CPT Mart

What products or services do they sell or offer?

I used to buy all of our groceries from SM Department Store since I have an SM Advantage card. However, my mom was able to find a place wherein she buys our groceries even before the said card expired so I was compelled to check out their products. On the way to the grocery, you will go through a tunnel-like way with several stalls or kiosks of cellphone accessories, pirated DVD’s and really cheapest deals of almost everything. I also got to purchase some of my clothes from there. Most of their clothes cost and look really cheap so again, it takes some scrutinizing and highbrow browsing before you could find the best deals but let me assure you that you will surely find one.

How do I get there?

I’m not very good with streets but if you’re coming from Jaro, Iloilo, you simply ride the Jaro CPU jeepney and stop in the Amigo Hotel and then across the street you will find the good guys who are selling fruits like oranges and apples, go past through them and then you will find several peanuts vendors and you will see a small tunnel-like door, that’s it!

Don’t worry, ask people out in that area and they should be able to direct you easily. It's pretty much of a household name to wise buyers.

2. Marymart

What products or services do they sell or offer?

If you’re looking for second hand and really cheap latest cellphones, Marymart is the place to go. I got my first ever camera phone from there and it was surprising that it lasted for more than a year. Again, that’s what you call highbrow shopping. But it’s not just the cheapest gadgets that you will get to find there. You will also find stalls that sell some really trendy yet affordable clothes. Magarbo, which is home to hand-me-down-clothes, has also 3 branches in the said mall.

Clothes and Shoes Shops

When you take the escalator, you will see Magarbo right away. Then if you continue walking, you will find bazaars that sell trendy clothes at Php 100-350. There are also shoes at Php250. But then, I am for highbrow shopping.

3. Sharmila 

It is an establishment in Marymart mall that sells some really trendy, catchy and uber tempting clothes. At first glance, you would think that they sell clothes at Php300 or above but trust me; they’re only at around Php250 and below! I guess they’re home to Php100 only clothes. These are classy looking and really worth the price clothes.

There are many other establishments wherein I buy my shoes and clothes but I forgot what their names are. Some of the clothes are only for Php75.00 and I could actually talk them into selling 3 clothes for Php200! These are not necessarily cheap clothes, they’re just simply affordable.

Food and Beverages

I may be the thrifty spender that you will ever see but then I am still a lady. I easily get tempted and could automatically drool in shoes, bags and foods.

Exactly in the said order.

Girls in general could easily get tempted with shoes, bags and then food just as men could easily get tempted with sex. Did you know that we could easily fall for those items than we could fall for your charms? It should tip you off that the best way to a woman’s heart are shoes, bags and foods just as food is the way to a man’s heart.

4. Mang Inasal

I love inasal or anything grilled. Mang Inasal has got really tasty foods at affordable prices. They have paborito (favorite) and sulit (worth it) meals and the former comes with unlimited rice! Sounds like every glutton’s haven, eh? It sure is! Ok so I am not paid for advertising for any of these establishments, I just love how they provide some real and good value with your money.

5. Green Mango
Every time I stop in the Jaro Plaza to take the Jaro CPU jeep, I easily get tempted with the pictures of the foods in the glass window of Green Mango. Too much to my surprise when I realize that they’re not actually expensive! Presyong pangmasa talaga, ika nga.

I promise myself that when I get really really wealthy, I would acquire a franchise of this establishment because I really believe in the value that they provide.

6. Chooks-to-Go

Just recently, I saw a commercial of Lea Salonga endorsing Bounty Fresh and it’s surprising to see that the said company owns Chooks-to-Go.

I fell in love with the chicken that this establishment sells when I went to my hometown in Kalibo. Unlike most grilled chickens that need to be accompanied by poorly prepared sauces, Chooks-to-Go doesn’t need any because it’s already cooked with the chicken! Their grilled chickens are really tasty and affordable. I think we got a whole chicken at Php 150. Now, isn’t that the essence of highbrow shopping!

Why Highbrow Shopping is in Similitude to Stock Market Investing?

It occurred to me that I have a talent for finding establishments and products that are actually cheaply priced when compared to their actual value. Thanks to my Ilocana mom.

When it comes to investing, you need to find companies that have high intrinsic value. That means that they’re selling stocks at prices that are lower than their actual value! Bo Sanchez identified these companies in his My Maid is Investing in Stock Market ebook.

Here’s a list of companies that are “subok na matibay, subok na matatag”. The information is available to all members and online stock market investors and since Bo already revealed it, I am sharing them to you as well. Citiseconline is almost spoon-feeding the newbie and pro investors alike so this got me jumping into the badwagon.


And here’s a list of companies wherein Bo Sanchez is highbrow investing. These companies are selling their stocks way lower than that of the companies above but once they reach their target selling price, you will surely appreciate that you put in your money with them. I know, highbrow investing again.

Stock Code                          Stock Name

FGEN                                  First Gen Corporation
EDC                                    Energy Development Corporation
FPH                                    First Phil Holdings
EEI                                      Engineering Equipment
URC                                    Universal Robina Corporation

Learning More about Stock Market Investment

I am no pro when it comes to stock market investing, but I am learning.
1. Utilize the technology at your advantage, visit blogs that share their investing and trading experiences.

2. Ask friends who have been doing it and I’m sure they’d be more than happy to help you (that’s why I like making friends with people older than I am because you will really find value in their thoughts and experiences) considering the fact that too little people, or Filipinos, are into this type of investment.

3. Stay informed by being interested with the latest news

Every news will soon interest you, or they should.

All of them, especially the financial standing of the world and that of the Philippines, will affect your stock market investment, so it would be wise to keep yourself updated and know which baskets you should be putting your hard-earned eggs in.

It is very important that you should always look into the potential value of things not just in stock market investing but also with people. You never know that the person who’s sitting right next to you may just become the next President, or your eternal partner, haha. Always look into what’s best in everyone and everything. It helps, trust me. In a world where everything seems to depreciate in value just as people’s values often do, it is very essential to look into the brighter, bigger side of things. Hope you enjoy learning on how you can effectively highbrow shopping and stock market investing!

Cashed Out a Passive Income from Google Adsense Today!

Passive Income from Google Adsense

I definitely love Google! I use almost all of its products from Gmail, Google Wave, Google Chrome and hopefully soon enough, Google Voice!

While I was checking my Google Adsense account last night, I noticed that my previous balance of at least $100.00 was turned into $8.75!

Instead of the usual "View Estimated Earnings: All Time", I saw "Since last payment".

And there it was, Google Adsense has paid me $103.70!!!! 

I guess all my efforts for building several blogs for celebrity news, Facebook statuses collection, Home Reading Report, make money online with blogging and bazillion of other free-hosted Blogger blogs are paying off.

Thanks to all of my avid readers, visitors and blogger friends for making these all happen. Above all things, I wanna thank God for always always giving me tons of ideas to write about. 

Below is the Statement of Earnings from Google Adsense and a proof that my blogging has brought me apassive income. I get to write about anything I want and get paid for it! What a cool way of earning while having fun! Here's my blog that has been giving me some really passive income through bazillion of organic visitors daily. 

Making Money While Learning and Having Fun

Making money online is not just for pro-bloggers like Darren Rowse. Newbies can also make money online through blogging just as I was able to make it. Not as much as these big names are making so much money though. But then again, it doesn't matter, as long as you're enjoying what you're doing and helping people out with your informative thoughts.

I hope this will serve as an inspiration for those who want to share their thoughts online. Don't be afraid to be critiqued by your readers as from there, you will get to learn, earn and share. 

By the way, here's a post wherein I wrote about the 3 Sure Ways to Make Money with Your Blog.

Getting Your Adsense Payment from Western Union Quick Cash

I used to admire bloggers who display their earnings from their blogging with a check. I wanted to take the same payment option as well. However, a friend warned me that it may get lost on its ways so I decided to opt for the Wester Union Quick Cash instead.

It's so easy and safer!

1. Go to My Account Tab
Click on the Account Settings tab. There you will see your personal and contact information like your full name, address, Adsense Property information and Payment Details. In this case, you only need to focus on the Payment Details and select the Western Union Quick Cash option instead of the Check options.

a. Check - Standard Delivery *
b. Check - Secured Express Delivery ($24.00 Processing Fee) learn more **

2. Payment every 25th of th month
Google Adsense pays you every the 25th of the month once you reach their minimum cash our of $100.00. So be sure to claim your money before it reaches the usual waiting time of 30 days. It took me 5 days to realize the money has long been waiting for me! haha

Don't worry if you can't claim it right away though because it will be credited or carried over to your total earnings, which will be sent on the 25th of the next month.

3. Go to the nearest Western Union Outlet
Don't forget to bring with you at least two valid ID's like SSS, GSIS, School ID, Driver's license and/or Passport. They required me one earlier today, but hey, better be safe and sure than be sorry! Bring along a couple of valid ID's for faster processing.

4. Important Details to Remember
It is very important that you remember the following essential information in withdrawing your Google Adsense earnings from Western Union.

In the May Account Tab, then Payment History, you will see when was the last time you got paid.

Look for the latest month wherein you got paid, or in this case, they paid me on the 25th of May. Click on that and you will then be directed to a Statement of Earnings.

Be sure to take note of the following information for sure processing of your Google Adsense payment through Western Union.

Your payment is available for pick-up the day after the payment date above
Remember to bring the following when you pick up your payment at a local Western Union agent:
  • The amount of your payment
  • The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
  • Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
  • Sender's information:
  • Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View CA 94043 USA

Withdrawing your Google Adsense earnings through Western Union is much easier and faster than traditional checks. If you've been dealing with checks at some point in your life, you might as well agree that they're much more convenient.

I hope this will help inspire many newbie bloggers in making money online though blogging. You don't have to be really good in order for you to earn, you simply need to be willing to learn and discipline yourself in consistently updating your blog. Happy Blogging!

How Can Pride Rob You of Many Possible Blessings

All Too Proud Mom

Maritess (not her real name) was the first person who welcomed us to Magdalena Village when we moved from New Buswang. She's a very outgoing person. She has 3 little boys during the time that we moved. The first thing that I noticed about Maritess is that she's very proud of her kids.

Well, I guess most moms are.

There's nothing wrong about being proud of your kids. 
My mom, though she may not be a stage mom, has always been very proud of me. I don't know, she just have the skill of finding what's best in me, though I may not always have the best characteristics.

Maritess was specifically proud of her eldest son, Peter (not his real name).

Peter had honor in elementary. I thought he will study in the school where I had my high school diploma. Students who studied in the Regional Science High School for Region VI were considered the "cream of the crop". So I thought Peter would enroll there. They decided to have him enroll in an arts and trade school instead. 

That's fine, the school was close to our village and that should help them save some money that's supposed to be spent for the fare. Getting to Old Buswang, where RSHS is (my school), is a little costly since we need to ride a couple of tricycles.

Not really costly, but if you sum all the money that we spent for 4 years getting back and forth to the school, I could have bought a Chevrolet. Or maybe just a pedicab, haha. You know I wasn't too serious about that, didn't you?!

It doesn't matter, what I'm trying to say is that Peter's family did a practical choice of sending him to a school closer to our village.

>So Peter graduated from high school.
Maritess was proud of his son, as always.

But not as proud as she used to be. Peter didn't get excellent grades thus he's no longer included in their honor roll. 

I expected that would be the case since Peter now knows how to skip classes and he seem to have discovered other classrooms other than that they have in the school.

Fancy Whims Over Needs

Earlier today, mom asked me to send them a text message and ask how things are in our former village. Me and my mom moved in the city so we needed to keep in touch to see how things are in my hometown. But even before I could hit the send button, she told me that Peter no longer goes to school.

He's supposed to be in college now.

Had it not been for too much pride.

Maritess chose to buy a gigantic television instead of sending her eldest son to college.

The TV was not LED since they purchased it even before the word existed. All I know is that it costs more than both my part-time and full-time jobs salaries combined.

Or maybe not, but all I know is it's too expensive.

I don't have anything against Maritess.
They're very good, outgoing family. A typical Filipino family.
They think more as to what other people would think about them thus robing his son the opportunity to go to school. To her, what the world would perceive of them is much more important than what her son could have achieved in school. 

When typhoon Frank hit Aklan, the television was included in many properties that were shattered by the natural disaster.

Along with it, Maritess' pride (television).

It doesn't matter, his ultimate pride's future has long been shattered by her choice.