We Can Learn from the Birds

We Can Fly Far as We Fly Together

During our stake conferences in the LDS church, I often hear various stories about birds. Our second counselor to the stake presidency, President Barredo, shared about how birds could fly higher and father as they travel together in unity and follow their leader as opposed to the crab mentality that most Filipinos do.

Parenthood is a Responsibility of a Couple

As I listened to the Bishop of Roxas 3rd Ward, Bishop Manuel Llave, during their sacrament meeting, I have learned that female ostriches do not take care of their eggs after it laying it.

Now you might wonder how their eggs survive.

You might as surprised as I was to learn that the male ostriches take charge and take care of the eggs until they hatch and live. Parenthood is not just a female’s responsibility; it is the responsibility of the couple.

Be an Eagle

All birds have to go through the painful process of learning how to fly. Eagles have to go through much more intensive and cruel one. When the storm comes, most birds flee for refuge in caves while the eagles soar high and feel invigorated with the rain.

I really like what Bo Sanchez said about how we need to be open to some changes.

Don’t be too attached to how you did things before.

Listen to God’s voice.

He may be asking you to change your strategy.

What brought you where you are now may not bring you where you want to go.

We can learn from the birds that we need to listen to God’s voice during our flight and that we need more than just individual goals but also work in a team. From the birds we can learn that God is making a strong eagle in us as we go through different trials in our lives. We should be like the regular birds that coordinate with the leaders so we can be guided.

If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.

We should be like the ostrich, sharing responsibilities in order to make a relationship work and become stronger. From the birds we can learn that life is a vast sky that could be traveled far as we coordinate, cooperate and have faith in the One who Guides.

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