The Struggles and Obstacles in Blogging

Blogging is fun yet it can be a little stressful at times. You wanted to write as often as you want but simply don't have ample time to sit in your computer to type them fast and click on that "Publish" button right away.

If you always struggle with the outburst of ideas but not being able to get your ideas organized in a way that your readers would easily understand, then you are not alone. Here are my struggles and obstacles in blogging. Yes, I managed to create simple solutions to overcome them too.

Too Much Ideas, Too Much Obstacles

There are bazillion of ideas in my mind right now about what should I post. However, they are all equally important that I ended up trying to make a summary of all of them, or simply to give a list of all of them. I wanted so badly to write about all of them for the past few weeks but still fail to do so because I had so much fun things to write about yet I have too much on my plate at this time that's baffling me from getting them weaved into a post. Now I feel like Bloggista who wants to write a lot, calls it his passion, yet fail to update his community as often as he'd desire to.

Frequently Consulted Blogs on Investing and Make Money through Blogging

I have been thinking about writing about my passion for investing. Or at least my interest about the subject. So I ended up reading posts about it instead. I specifically fell in love with AkosiAllanFitzVillafuerte and MillionaireActs. When I'm not on my blog, these three are usually my tambayan since PinoyMoneyTalk has not been updating regularly lately. These are all very informative blogs when it comes to investing and making money both online and offline. The previous blogs were a little more business-like but Bloggista's more casual and cozy that it's more than a blog but a community.

Wanna Be Successful? Get a Mentor

I must have read almost half of Penelope Trunk's post since she started that blog. I have been so hooked into her thoughts that I consider her my mentor. I talk about her both online and offline that I ended up adding her on Facebook. If reading all the links to her blog, the people that she's associated with would be considered stalking, then I'd probably be her greatest stalker. She probably must have gotten her tongue bitten in many occasions just because I seem to talk about her ideas to almost anyone in almost any topic. Not that she has all the answers to all my questions, but I just love her thoughts on various things. Parenting, careers, life in general, including sex. Not that I like all the topics but I like just how real she is when discussing these sensitive matters.

It all started with how her hating with Tim Ferris has helped her manage her time. During that time, I badly wanted to manage my time, and Tim Ferris is well known for his 4-hour-work-week. It's simply working 4 hours per week. Sounds like everybody's dream come true, eh? 

Yet Penelope Trunk hates him for it. It got me intrigued so I read on.

Then I started hating Tim too. Well, not really.

I consider her my mentor and "consults" her by reading her posts about issues that I got myself on. When she said that being sarcastic is for poor minded, I automatically stopped from being one. I was really glad when one day she stopped by my blog and left a comment on my post about 3 Sure Ways to Make Money with Your Blog.

Look at the comments sections, she's the only one who left one.

I felt like the 3-year-old-Justin-Bieber fan who eventually saw him after her mom posted a video of her crying for JB.

2. Brother Jerry See

I have several other mentors and they're all local. All of them, except for Bo Sanchez, are very close to me. The first ever mentor that I had was Brother Jerry See. He's a simple watchman, or well, he repairs watches so I figure that's how I would call him. He's indeed more like a watchman. (Remember the stories in the Bible about a watchman in the tower who would warn the people when a danger is fast approaching? Bro. Jerry was so much like that to me.) He'd always give me advices as to how to deal with failures, walk while limping and seeing the world in as a whole blessing in her three-and-a-half view. You might be wondering why three-and-a-half. I call most people with glasses as four-eyed. His right eye is almost half open thus 3 and 1/2.

3. Mitos Aguadera

I know, her last name sounds like ABS-CBN's telenovela princess, Agua.

She's as kind, supportive and sweet so probably that's why. Mitos would always encourage me every time I would feel down every day. I would return the favor by giving her 3 Snow Bear candies every day. We would both never fail in our duties.

She tells me stories about how we should not give up on ourselves as God wouldn't give up on us. She told me about stories of The Shoe Box and the Bag (the differences between men and women's mind set), Are You a Camel in a Cage and would give me assurance that God's will be done on His own due time.

4. Bo Sanchez

I would probably be eternally indebted to Bo Sanchez for introducing me to Stock Market Investing through this post. It was so inspiring that I must have read all the introductory information about the topic in just one day. I must have been the informed novice in stock market that day. I clicked from one link to another until I learned about the potentials of investing in that said option than the usual time deposit or saving in the banks. I already have both so I thought I'd check out on the endless income and growth possibilities that the stock market would bless my life.

What's Worse Than Having No Idea

What's worse than enemies? Fake friends...everyone has one!

That's a catchy status from my Facebook friend. Then I realized what most bloggers must have been going through. Every day we are faced with a challenge to keep our readers hooked to our blog by posting an interesting and relevant topic to your niche. It should be like everyday is your last post, and the best are often saved for last, right? 

Yet every day is not always a rainy day. 

Sometimes some bloggers ran out of ideas.

Not for me! 

Perhaps it's worse when you have bazillion of ideas running in your mind but you simply just don't have the time to post them all.

Blues Clues in My Notepad

I keep a notepad to keep all my ideas so I could just pull that single and magical thing when I get some time to actually publish them.

They're just bulleted points, or titles.

I wonder how do most bloggers or writers do it, but I start with titles then thousands of ideas will sprout from it.

So here's a list of topics that I badly wanted to write about. Let me know which ones you badly want to read about.

1. Ruining Relationships Through Being So Sensitive
2. Why I Don't Have a Boyfriend...Yet
3. The Best Investment Tip for Young People
4. Guests Are Like Fishes
5. What Are You Gonna Do With P20.00?
6. Compensating Lost Opportunities
7. Here's Why I Love Bo Sanchez and Penelope Trunk
8. Are You a Camel in a Cage?
9. Why Some Quality Posts Are Not Getting Quality Comments

I could have thought of the tenth idea so it could have looked like a complete list but I purposely didn't. I have done myself a favor of publishing it instead. 

You are actually reading the 10th idea. 

Though I may be struggling with time management and consistency when it comes to blogging, I thought I could compensate it with actually posting.

What about you, what are your blogging weaknesses? 

Do you often get distracted? 

Did you just started blogging? 

If you've been blogging for quite sometime, what words of wisdom would you share to the newbies? And yes, I would exhort you to subscribe to my RSS feeds because I am sure those topics will eventually get published someday...

I know, I could be more specific, but I can't be too specific. I must under promise and over deliver. And yes, follow me on Twitter as I always do my followers a favor of being the first people to know when I publish an article.

What about you?

What are your blogging obstacles and struggles?

How do you overcome them?


bloggista said...

Thanks for the lovely link love. :-) I must add one more thing - it's dedication.

One cannot serve two masters at the same time, and I must admit, after career, blogging has become my master too - I am a slave.

So yeah, lately I have dedicated most of my time with this "career" thing - but this is not the career that we all know. Hopefully in a few weeks, once it takes off (and goes live), I'll be having more tome to blogging. so there, no other excuses of not being able to update my main blog. LOL.

Jonha @ Happiness said...

I got a feeling that you're for something really evil, haha. Whatever that is, I hope it would get very successful but not too successful that it would take away so much of your time from your passion, which is blogging. haha

A friend told me that if you really want to do something, you gotta MAKE time for it. But I understand about priorities, sometimes you just can't joggle as multi-tasking is often time wasting. (I guess I should elaborate on that when I get a chance).

Coolbuster said...

You're a very good writer and I think huge things are coming to yah in the future.

Btw, there already is a reply to your comment >

Coolbuster said...

A link to your blog has been published:

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Hi Coolbuster,

You're such a link builder! lol
Go to this blog and you will find your link to my blog roll or "Hall of Fame". ;)

Every Peso Counts said...

Good points! I also bring a notepad handy with me so I could write while on the train or whenever an idea pops out of my mind! However, I have no intention of being a slave of my blog. I'm building a system around it (although right now, I am the system).

I would like to share this video from a great blogger, you shouold watch it.

and I got it from this cool guy who was the first one in my blogroll. :)

Joliber Mapiles said...

sa galing nyo po magsulat, malaki talaga ang chances nyo to make it big in the blogsphere.. good luck po..

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Pinapataba mo naman ang puso ko Joliber, haha! Maraming salamat!

@Tim: Salamat sa ma videos, panonoorin ko sila when I get a chance :) Salamat sa pagbisita

Joliber said...

hehe.. i mean it po, you are such a prolific writer.. how i wish na ganyan din ako magsulat, hehe, very creative really..

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Maraming salamat Joliber, totoong pangalan mo ba yan? You remind me of my Jollibee times nung crew pa ako doon. haha

Star Villanueva said...

Hi Jhona, ang galing mo kaya magsulat.. Isipin mo nlng everybody have their own version of obstacles/trials before they made it to the top! Joliber is right, you have a big chance to make it big sa blogsphere =)

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...


Thanks so much! You sure are one of the kindest and the prettiest bloggers around.

main-index said...

I hope one day i would be as successful as you are.... need to learn more...

Rommel Bondoc said...

What a nice post and educating article you have... thanks for publishing such post. I got a blog though i am just a newbie. Still wondering which particular niche would i concentrate. I do hope you would drop on my site someday just like Penelope did on yours.

My blog is :

And oh by the way, you got a cute smile huh!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Awwwee thanks Rommel!

Kung ano ang nasa puso mo yun ang sundin mo. Ideas would just burst basta gusto mo and niche mo. Wag kang mag-isip about monetizing kaagad. Darating lang yan tulad ng Facebook. Quality ng community muna bago ang kung ano man.