Outsmarting Google with a Google Voice in the Philippines

I'm sure you've heard about the Google Voice already. If you like the fact that you can call through Skype at such a low rate, then get ready to eat your heart out because Google Voice allows you to call for as low as $0.17! Super cool, huh?

So a friend decided to buy me a Google Voice invite from eBay but crap, I got a message telling me that it's not available in the Philippines yet! 

Hold on, you know I believe in "We will find a way, or we will make one".

So I figured a way how to actually get an invite and get into the Google Voice System, or user-interface of it. 

But wham! I still couldn't outsmart Google because I cannot add an international forwarding number :(

So anyway, here's my Google Voice Number. I know, I'm too cool, I got a UT funky number, haha.

(801) 810-7794 

I will still need to wait until I could get an international forwarding number, or I dunno, what matters is that I'm on the first level of "fooling" Google. lol 

If there's anyone who has bypassed more than this level, let me know. If you're curious as to how it was done, just ask me in the comments section and I will surely let you know. :)

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jonluigi said...

How Please let me know? hehehehe

Tyler Style said...

Saw your comment on my Nirdvana blog's getting Google Voice to work in Canada post, so thought I'd shout back :)

So, if you're tech-savvy you could set up your own Asterisk/Trixbox server yourself instead.

Or you can try a hosted PBX company like http://www.sipgate.com/one or https://www1.pbxes.com/iptel_virtual-pbx.html. I don't know if they service the Philippines or not, but there might be a similar local provider.

What exactly are you going to do with GV, anyway? You post doesn't say. I use mine mostly for my IT consulting business Malthusian Solutions Unlimited so clients can always reach me on any phones around me.

Jonha @ Happiness said...

Hi Tyler,

Thanks so much for the response!

I will try to look into this alternative. I will simply use it to call at lowest possible rate in the US and be able to receive calls from there too.

Pretty much like your purpose too.

Chris said...

How did you make it? Im trying to play around with GV Mobile+ and i need a gv number. thank you

Chris said...

Waiting for your response... :)

Want to know how to get a google voice number from ph.

Wanna play around with GV Mobile+ app for iphone. Thank you!

Julie Comeling said...


I'm also trying to set up a Google Voice here in the Philippines, but yeah like you said it doesn't allow us to do so :( How did you get a GV number? and can we use it here in the Philippines to send SMS and voice messages to any U.S numbers?
your help and tips will be much appreciated.
Thanks :)