Manny Villar's Aggressive Marketing vs. Noynoy Aquino's Effective Marketing

I'm not the type of person who likes to post my thoughts on politics and this perhaps is my first and last post regarding this topic. I just got a little bothered with the election results that it got me thinking. How on earth did Manny Villar lost to Noynoy Aquino? What will happen to the Philippines? Could we expect a better governance when all we have now is a puppet of many businessmen and politicians?

I used to really admire Manny Villar. When I was in fourth grade in elementary, I clutched his printed ad in the form of comic strip which tells a rags to riches story. (Here's similar one of my own, just in case you're interested). The story started with him carrying pails of fishes that he would then deliver to her mom in the market. He studied and worked at the same time. His story was really inspiring especially to working students that I really held on to it. Until recently, I read write ups about him telling that he's not really as poor as he claimed and that his family was in the middle class. The discovery shattered all my faith and admiration in him.

Now here's what I think are the factors that made him lost to Noynoy Aquino.

Too Aggressive Isn't Effective

The only time in the history of the Philippine television when I hate TV commercials the most is during the time when election is fast approaching. There's too little time for the program and too much time spent on the various ads "paid for by the friends of [candidate])".

Even if most products do not really live to their promises as long as the marketing is done right, people would still buy it mainly because they like what they saw, read or heard.

I remember when Chiara Guillergan-Caballes, whose father partly owns the Deco's Lapaz Batchoy fastfood chains here in Iloilo (and continually expands in other parts of the Philippines and hopefully in LA soon), told me how Mang Inasal, a leading chicken fastfood chain here in Iloilo, uses tarpaulins, TV ads and radio ads to promote their products and they could greatly attribute their success to marketing.

Remember when Google Wave was about to be released? Millions of people thought it's gonna change how communication would work only to realize that it was overrated. It's a recent example of how an effective marketing has uplifted a product.

Manny Villar paid billions of pesos just to create heaven-could-only-count TV political ads. There were so many of them that people got annoyed with it instead of voting him. Personally, the political ads added to my dismay with Villar because he looked so desperate to get the post of the President that he's willing to spend almost all of his fortune just to win the race. It only gave the Filipinos an impression that he will then take away those funds from the government's budget once he gets the position. He has made a wrong marketing move.

Below is a video of Manny Pacquiao (King of Boxing), Dolphy (King of Philippine Comedy), Willie Revillame (King of Noontime Shows), thus making a dubbed 3 Kings Support Manny Villar.

Many people believe that Revillame only added to the many liabilities that helped decrease Manny Villar's survey popularity. 

And here's the most talked about commercial that actually inspired many parodies. He still claims that he's part of the poor people from Tondo but when asked if he indeed bathe in the sea filled with garbage, he simply smiled and responded with, "No". Perhaps the ad was a question which he actually need to answer. 

Other candidates' political ads were simpler.

One of the most striking was that of Liberal Party candidate, and now the President of the Philippines, Noynoy Aquino, "Di Ka Nag-iisa", showcasing all the artists and celebrities that are supporting Noynoy Aquino, whose sister, Kris Aquino-Yap, is an established celebrity in the Philippines. 

Kris Aquino, next to Sharon Cuneta, is the nation's most trusted endorser (or so the say). She's got the most commercial and TV shows in ABS-CBN because it's too obvious that the said station loves the Aquinos.

If you could remember during the Marcos regime, Ferdinand Marcos took down all the businesses that were against him or hampering his operations and it happen that ABS-CBN was one of them. He shut down all the media and broadcasting companies.

The Lopezes were a little maimed then.

It was when Cory Aquino took over to the Presidency that the  media got granted with their freedom of speech again. The Lopezes are forever grateful to the Aquinos and many other politicians that helped them regain their right to broadcast. It's probably one of the many reasons why we're seeing too many Kris Aquino soap operas, programs and why she's too overrated. 

I remember my IELTS Speaking Exam so well when the guy who interviewed me asked me about the celebrities I know here in the Philippines whom I think really deserves their fame. Then he asked me if I think Kris Aquino is talented. I responded quickly with a no. Then he added that Kris is simply overrated and the whole interview revolved around the topic of Kris Aquino being so overrated and the show business, ABS-CBN in particular, is so stupid for keeping talentless people like her.

Even if a lot of people are annoyed with Kris Aquino's maarte and taklesa character, it's still saddening that equally a lot of people trust her. We can't deny that another great portion of Noynoy's vote came from Kris' connections in the show business. Below is a star-studded political ad for Noynoy. I gotta admit it was an effective marketing.

It was really touching.
It was really striking.
And I gotta say it worked!
Because well, Noynoy won.

Noynoy's way of reaching out to the people was done emotionally.
Gilberto "Gibo" Teodoro reached out intellectually.
Manuel "Manny" Villar reached out financially.
Bro. Eddie Villanueva reached out spiritually.
Dick Gordon reached out socially.

Scandals and Black Propaganda

It's too bad that Manny Villar has got too many black propaganda casted upon him. Too many issues were laid in the table such as the C-5 Scandal, land grabbing, being too greedy and many others while they only happen to give Noynoy an issue of being autistic. Bro. Eddie Villanueva didn't get too much support from his own denomination because people hold on to the thought that the state should be separated from the church. Dick Gordon was a so-so candidate. He is good, but he doesn't have a celebrity sister and the sympathy of the people. Gibo Teodoro is probably the most unfortunate among all because he didn't get the chance to have the credit that he deserves. People hate the current administration and just because he's there, people hate him automatically even if a lot of professionals believe in his political ideas.

You see, it's all about effective marketing!

I don't know what will Manny do after this. I hope he has learned his lesson. He said he doesn't ran out of options. Of course, he's a businessman who would always stand up after falling. Or maybe, "maliligo nalang dagat ng basura" or "magpapasko sa kalsada" or "magnenegosyo nalang kasi gusto kong yumaman pa".

Now I don't wanna sound like anti-Manny Villar because I am NOT. I used to admire him in a business sense. I am not an pro-Aquino, either. I do not like the idea of having a puppet government.

I am just a simple Filipino citizen who believes that there's still hope for our country if the leaders would think more of the people who voted for them's issues and not their personal hidden agenda because after all, it's not what they've done in the past that matters, it's what they can do for future that matters! 


Anonymous said...

I'm not happy with the results of the election but I'm glad Villar didn't won.

Tsiken said...

Ako naman ang tingin ko Manny Villar's aggressive marketing was effective in the sense na kahit hindi ko sya iboboto nun panay ang kanta ko ng jingle nya. Nakaka LSS kasi - malakas ang retention. Apparently effective din kay baby James na biglang nag "Villar, Villar" sa campaign ni Noynoy. Yun lang yung core ng kanyang campaign turned out to be untrue at dun sya nasira.

Kay Noynoy naman, most of yung kilala ko na hindi bumoto kay Noynoy ay dahil ayaw nila kay Kris.

"...while they only happen to give Noynoy an issue of being autistic..." hehe funny :) siguro that's the bright side na din. At least they can't pin any anomalies on Noynoy so pinalabas na lang syang autistic hehehehe

Mac Jeklin said...

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