Getting Ready to Take Risks When You Want Something, Really Bad

Let me tell how a regular blogger’s life is like. I spend most of the day heading other people’s blog and from there I’d get a bazillion of ideas on what to write. A couple of days ago I really wanted to write about my exciting and surprising experiences in Roxas City during the weekend. I always thought that that place was small and boring. Such impression was mainly because I had an elementary classmate who was ridiculously clumsy and downright dumb. Don’t get me wrong that I was stereotyping, I was just too tired to explore and prove myself wrong. Not until last Saturday. 

I have learned that if I really want to discover something for myself, I need to shut my ears from naysayers and I would go to places, explore and discover them for myself. The same is true when you really want to get to know a person. You don’t really know someone’s true values and intentions until you get to meet and mingle with them in person. You don’t expect me to write and tell everything that I feel, do you? Well sometimes I do, but I must warn you that not all the time. Sometimes I get so caught up with a lot of things in my life that I fail to. 

If you’re really serious about finding the truth, it takes courage and effort to really go into deeper side of things and it requires more than just a glimpse, prejudice and narrow judgment.

I spent most of the day thinking, listening reading then writing. I feel the need to get educated before I could get to inform others just as Nick Vujicic had to experience dealing with “No arms, no legs, no worries” before he could get to tell really inspiring stories. You can’t draw water out of an empty well.

I wanted so badly to write about 3 Things. I am afraid that I don’t have much time to discuss each of them.

I wanted to badly to write about…

1. How to Make Love Disappear
The art of controlling your feelings and how your lack of interest in some things can help diminish and even out your extreme feelings for other things. I am such a huge believer of the power of choice. We can all choose our feelings and have power over them instead of the other way around. Trust me—I wanted so badly to write about it as much as I wanted to master it.

I wanted to write about the 3 different places that I’ve been in Roxas City and the 3 different edifying experiences that I had in our trip to a little island called Olotayan, my spiritually uplifting experience in the Sunday service in Roxas 3rd Ward and how I was blessed to have stayed at the Bornales residence. Three different places, three different lessons—all of them contributed in enriching my summer experience and helped me look to God and live.

3. Be Hire Ready for Free
Filipinos are naturally hardworking and hungry of opportunities thus making us the perfect virtual assistants to internet marketers. The Philippines is probably the best place to outsource whether it is for telemarketing, SEO or any other services. We are young, eager and talented that it pains me to see some young graduates wasting their degrees working on various fields that don’t fit their course description and gradually decrease their enthusiasm over work over time. (I just realized that the phrase has a double meaning and I love how the two things I wanted to emphasize fit in one phrase). Some young people lose their excitement for work because it’s irrelevant with their interest and most of them do the modern slave labor—underpaid for overwork. Or worse, some do not have jobs.

An internet marketer-friend of mine had an idea.

He wanted these young and talented Filipinos to realize their full potential and be hire-ready by providing them the necessary skills and knowledge that every employer would look for. 

It is so exciting that I invite all the readers of this blog to leave their contact details by commenting below or contact me as we are in the process of organizing names so that the first batch of trainees could start learning and be hire-ready. You know you can do better than just stay at home jobless or staying in a job that you’re not satisfied. Be trained and skilled with the virtual assistant skills and certification that will make you hire-ready.

Those were the three topics that I badly wanted to write about yet I realize that each of them needed to be written with details or I’ll end up making a shortened or spoiled version. Since I lack the time giving each one of them details, I suggest you bookmarking this post and checking in from time to time for links to each posts. I know they will be posted anytime soon. 

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