My Passive Income Through Blogging

I started blogging since October 2008 when my friend Janice Busil encouraged me to put my ideas into a platform wherein I could express my thoughts and get paid. Every time I hear someone telling me that I could get paid online, I would automatically become skeptic as I am the type of person who do not easily believe in everything that people say.

Mary Jane Cabrera started having her own blog so I was a little motivated to start one. My first attempt to blogging was my celebrity blog, of which I just abandoned last week even if I've already reached PR 3. I decided to start something new that even if my topics wouldn't be trending on Twitter, people would still listen to what I'm going to say because this blog represents me and my thoughts on various things.

When I checked my Adsense earnings today, I was excited to see that I am now eligible to get paid by Google Adsense by the end of the month as I've reached their minimum pay-out balance. I have been thinking as to how I could constantly get a stable income from blogging as like almost every blogger, I have also been dreaming for the day when the words I type would enable me to pay the bills or buy the groceries. Of course we shouldn't expect too much income from blogging but if the blogging gurus like Darenn Rowse have done it, it only proves that anyone could also do it by exercising the following:

People who have established their names through blogging have done constantly written informative articles that are worthy to be read and re-read again and again. These are the people who have passionately shared their ideas, tips and thoughts on various things that people find relevant and of great value. These people did not just establish or put up a blog overnight then expect to make money the next day. Blogging requires passion and constant updates. People would go back to your blog or even subscribe to your feed if they like what you've been writing and will look forward for what you will soon be writing. Abandoned blogs do not look appealing to readers so be sure to post at least a single post per week.

2. Build a community

Probably one of the main reasons why Facebook has become so successful was because Mark Zuckerberg didn't just build a networking site wherein friends, relatives and acquaintances could meet and reconnect but rather a community wherein all these people could interact with each other in an almost real-time manner and get to share things that they enjoy through various applications such as games, chat and groups. Through interaction, people are encouraged to share and keep on sticking around. It is every blogger's dream to have a flock of avid and loyal readers just like Facebook has millions of avid users that logs in to the site more than they visit their relatives in person. Interact with people of similar interests by visiting their blogs, commenting on their posts and genuinely commending them on their excellent posts and sharing your ideas. The people that you will get to know through these efforts will appreciate your interest in them and will gain you the same interest and even respect.

Those were just a couple of the many things that you can do to keep yourself motivated with your passion in blogging and eventually get paid doing it. The hopes that someday the words you type will pay the rent is not impossible if you stick to that goal and constantly working towards it.

How about you, what steps have you done to help make your dreams a reality? Do you have any blogging tips that you'd like to share? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on earning through Adsense! I wish I could earn passive income through Blogging too!