Get Ready To Be Amazed by Lin Yu Chun and Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle has become an international singing sensation through Britain's Got Talent the moment she sang so gracefully the song entitled "I Dreamed a Dream". In a world where the society mocks and judges people through their physical appearance, Susan Boyle amazed the world with her brilliant singing skills and her magnificent voice. I could still remember vividly how I almost trembled in amazement when I first heard her sing. She may not be very pretty like most contestants, she's such a rare gem because of her voice and humility. She proved to the world that Britain Really Has Got Talent, not just looks.

The same prejudice was experienced by the Taiwanese young singer Lin Yu Chun until he sang a rendition of Whitney Houston's “I Will Always Love You.” Everyone seem to mock him because of his homely appearance and considered “the next Susan Boyle” because like the Britain’s Got Talent sensation, the people were amazed at how great he sang since most people were expecting him to embarass himself because of his appearance just like how everyone used to expect Susan Boyle to become a laughing stock.

The 24-year-old blew the judges away during his audition for the Taiwanese, American Idol-esque talent show Super Star Avenue .

Chun revealed that his appearance is what drove him to pursue music. “Being fat draws a lot of mockery in our society,” Chun said, who suffered from low self-esteem and would spend hours alone in his room, listening to pop divas such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. After his performance, Chun said he’d gained more confidence as a vocalist. “You don’t have to be a good-looking man or woman to succeed,” he said. “Just be yourself and try your best.”

These two amazing talents are trying to teach us a lesson not to be overly judgmental and not just rely on looks. God made us all unique and that He loves each one of us because of that exact uniqueness. We should not in any way, condemn or mock anyone just because they look different.

Below is the video of Li Yun Chun as he amazed the people with his talents and teach us a very important lesson, that is not to judge people by their appearance.

Embedding Susan Boyle's video has been disabled but you can listen to her sing I Dreamed a Dream on YouTube.

I could watch their videos over and over again and still feel the same amazement and feel the same power in the possibility that our dreams could come true despite at times we could be against all odds or naysayers may look down to us.



Anonymous said...

What a powerful voice! Amazing!

Jonha Ducayag Revesencio said...

Powerful and magical indeed. :)