Filipina Au Pairs Are Needed In Switzerland

In an article from the, a news that a lot of Filipinos would delight over has just been recently published. Filipino au pairs are now legally accepted in Switzerland. This means that all Filipinos that would like to take part of the au pair program could now legally go to the said country and enjoy of the au pair benefits when the Swiss government agreed to give what is due to Filipino au pairs.

Here's a copy of the said article:

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippines has lifted the ban on deploying au pairs to Switzerland, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration said Monday.

In a phone interview, POEA Administrator Jennifer Manalili said the ban, which has been effective since the late 1990s following reports of abuses, has been lifted after the Swiss government passed laws that protect the rights and welfare of au pairs.

Au pairs are usually young foreign visitors who take care of children and do light house chores in exchange for room and board.

Manalili said the POEA governing board approved the resolution in February, with the guidelines becoming effective March 24.

“The lifting was done upon consultation and recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs,” she said.

Swiss delegates were in the country last week to finalize the lifting.

Asked how many au pairs may now be deployed, Manalili said, “It depends on the demands.”

To protect Filipino au pairs who wish to work in Switzerland, the POEA has a standard au pair contract and a verification process, she said.

Manalili said there are similar requests for au pair deployments to Norway and Denmark.

Raymond M. Kristiansen, a vlogger and advocate to the cause of looking after the welfare of Filipinos in Scandinivian countries commented: "Well this is actually very good news, Jonha. It is important because it shows that there Can be progress made. That is, that the PH government and a European government can come to agreement which results in a lifting of the au pair ban. Psychologically, there is a big difference in needing to smuggle yourself out of your country using escort at airport, or to travel openly as an au pair."

Raymond maintains a blog for Au Pinoy or Filipino au pairs mainly in Denmark but the contents thereof are beneficial for anyone wanting to be an au pair in Scandinivian countries.

Since the Philippine government has already lifted the ban for Filipino au pairs to go to Switzerland, we can expect an influx of Filipinos wanting to go to Switzerland. The number of fake and pernicious agencies will also double as they will try to take advantage of this opportunity. If you are a Filipino wanting to be an au pair in Switzerland, Denmark or Norway, be sure to visit the official websites of the embassies of the said countries and carefully read their rules regarding the program. Do not deal with anyone online asking for money because after all, going to Switzerland has been already legalized so there's no need to bribe anyone just to get to where you want to go.


Anonymous said...

Filipinos are very hardworking and I am glad that the government has lifted the ban. Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Magagaling talaga ang mga Filipina kung kaya't kinakailangan sa ibang bansa! Maraming salamat sa pagpost nito. Maraming kang natutulungan sa awareness sa mga au pair issues.

Filipina Au Pair in Switzerland said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information. At least Filipinos will no longer try to go to UK as au pairs but in Switzerland instead.