Counting My Blessings Through Eating

Helen Keller described eating as "the best pleasure on Earth". I dare to concur that her statement is true especially with someone who has always been deprived with sumptuous foods in the world. When I was a kid, I always wanted to eat in Jollibee. I guess every five-year-old would threaten their parents a whole evening of crying if they wouldn't bring his or her favorite Chicken joy, french fries or burger. Try not to laugh a lot but that's basically what every Filipino children has grown up with. Not for me.

I grew up with my father in Saudi Arabia as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) in Saudi Arabia. People would always expect us to be well off since my father is out of the country and I am an only daughter. Tell you what, I wish it was true. But it isn't. I grew up always wanting what the my playmates would normally enjoy such as cute Barbie dolls, bountiful foods during Christmas. I would always watch commercials on television and would only be left wanting them. Those were the times when the only thing I could do were to look at the good food and simply look because we couldn't buy them.

Now I think God must have heard my prayers when I was a kid and piled up all the blessings and showered them altogether, literally. Well maybe it's a lot for someone who hasn't got much when she was a kid. For some it may be just--well, just like my playmates--normal.

Every time I feel a little down or uneasy, I would ask my mom that we would stroll in the mall just to forget what bothers me. Yesterday we went to Mary Mart and looked for a pair of slippers as she has been complaining about her old pair of slippers hurting her feet. I bought her a pair of brown slippers since she doesn't like pastel colors as they easily get dirty. It's probably one of the traits that I would never forget about my mom. She's always very practical about what she buys. The typical Ilocana as my friends would say. As we stroll in Marymart and looked at the Greenwich pizzas, I remember at how I used to envy the people that eat in those places. You know the kind of envy that a fastfood employee that's earning merely P26/hour has. I gotta thank God those days were over and now I could buy just about any food I want. Only if I would easily give in, but I strive to keep on reminding myself that I need to refrain from eating because I got a figure to maintain (haha, I know, as if I have a good one!)

We then went to Jo's Inato to buy halo halo since I got sick with the usual ice cream that we buy every Saturday. We ordered the Buko Halo since my friend, Amy Santiago, replied on my text message that they've got a great tasting buko halo there. It's like the usual halo halo only that it's contained in buko. I was so excited since it looked so sweet only to discover that is was almost tasteless! I had to fill almost the whole jar of sugar provided just to compensate the looks that deceived me! I told myself I would simply go back there just to take a picture of their good looking buko halo but not to ever eat one again! My P70.00 per serving wasn't really worth it. I laughed when my mom used their ladies

room and she complained about how it was infested with mosquitoes. Our only goal was to chill since it is too hot this summer, only to be disappointed. When we were on our way to Lapaz LDS chapel, I saw ads of Green Mango, JD Bakeshop and Mang Inasal that they're selling Halo halo. I might consider buying there instead the next time.

While walking, I think about a lot of things to share with you all. You know the kind of thoughts that almost every blogger has. I remember how my friend and co-Iloilo blogger, Mary Jane Cabrera, would always share her exciting experiences and count our blessings by sharing it through blogging.

Today we went for lunch on a little topsy corner in Lapaz. They've got surprisingly really great tasting food. Mom ordered their spaghetti (P38.00) while I got their Chiz burger (P35.00). It was such a good deal that I promise myself to stop by every time I would come their way.

Right after the conference, we bought halo halo again! I just love halo halo on summer. This time we bought it from one of the many the stalls in Lapaz. It was filled with a lot of mangga, sago, buko, pakwan and many other sweet ingredients, and we only paid P60.00 for two servings! How cool is that?!

Hellen Keller was right when she said that eating is the best pleasure. I guess the fulfilling feeling that a daughter or son feels when she/he's able to provide for her/his parents is the next best thing. Every time I eat, I remember how blessed I am to be enjoying the food I am munching on and forget about all the worries that I have.

How about you? How do you spend your summer?

Note: I didn't have my cam handy yesterday so I just snatched the photos of Buko Halo from Flavors of Iloilo (I'm sure my co-Iloilo Blogger wouldn't mind, haha)


Anonymous said...

Wow sarap naman ng buko halo! What a fun way to spend your summer!

Mary Jane said...

Hi Jon! Thanks for the link love! Bongga si Tita ha fashionista!hehe
YEs Jon it's great to share our experiences online even if not too many people read it guid. Pero it's a way man to document our escapades diba? That's why I love blogging! LOL
I agree with you that it feels great to provide for our family. And I can't agree more with Helen Keller, look at my body's man bala Jon hu! ROFL!