5 Non-Financial Rewards People Care About by Bruce Tulgan

I'm not a huge fan of vlogging partly because I have long admitted to myself that I don't have much talent talking in front of a webcam or video camera with my forehead occupying most of the screen and how awkward my lips would move as I speak that people might focus more on my unsure gestures instead on the message that I am trying to impart. Of course like most people I like to watch videos on YouTube but it's just that I'm not a fan of making them. Most of the people I watch on YouTube are singers so it was pretty new to me to simply listen to a vlogger like Bruce Tulgan. His words were pretty much spot on and I love the punch line, "Ding! I'm the boss" as he explained that "It's Okay to be the Boss" and deal with the problems of being the manager to your peers. I think that's exactly what I need these days. I am managing my friends to work for an e-commerce company and as much as I don't want to have issues with the intersection of our friendship and work, sometimes I think every manager has to deal with that. 

After attending Penelope Trunk's webcast last April 16th, Friday, 1:00 PM (which happens to be 1:00 AM in my area), I started searching through her archives for vlogs and that's when I learned about Bruce and so I kept on watching his vlogs and the one that I really like is when he talked about the 5 non-financial rewards that people care about and "they also happen to be the things that managers have the most control of".

People love it when they have...

1. More control over their own schedule
"A lot of people will work more hours if they have some control over when they actually have to work", says  Tulgan.I tend to give longer hours on tasks that I could go over just about anytime or anywhere I want because it gives me a more sense of fulfillment once I accomplish it not just on time but on time that I want. Giving me time to be creative is like giving me more time to be really productive.

2. Relationships
We all have our dream jobs and that usually includes a dream team or set of people that we would like to work with and working with the right people is usually more important than working with the bright or best people. Sometimes it's not just about the capability but the people's eagerness, eyes single to the vision and availability that gets the tasks done instead of the ability. 

3. Tasks
I really like this. "I wanna do a really choice task. You should give the choice tasks to the best people as rewards". What could be more clever than putting together aces on their places! 

4. Training
Managers oftentimes underestimate the power and value of how trainings. Employees attentions may be caught by the tempting salary offer but it's the value of trainings and experiences that they value the most.

5. Location
People are more likely to accept a job offer that is closer to home or more convenient to travel. We want to work in a place where we would be comfortable spending 8 hours of our day and the reason why I stayed with my work for almost 3 years now is because I want to stay where my mom wants to stay and since there's only two of us, being together is much more important than any salaries that bigger cities and bigger companies may offer. 

Bruce ended with a question, "are you using those non-financial rewards you have control over to drive performance every step of the way?"

I think most start-up companies may be limited with the budget but little did they realize that there are still 5 non-financial rewards that people care about that they should put into their advantage. 


Anonymous said...

Very well, I love these non-financial awards I could give to my employees especially the training because we focus on getting our employees get the most valuable training because through it, I know that we could get the best people and keep them.

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