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Top 10 Points to Remember when Applying for a Nonimmigrant Visa

Due to some Filipinos that abused their non-immigrant visas, the probability for Filipinos in getting non-immigrant has dropped. In contrast, the denial rate has become higher and higher. It's like every Filipino must undergo the painful process of scrutiny and face the skepticism of the US Embassy to the Philippines. Now, the question is, how can every genuine Filipino prove that he really is just gonna take a vacation and will not abandon his homeland? How could a nurse that just graduated prove that he is just going to stay there for the years stated in his contract and will return at the end of it? Why do we always have to prove ourselves?

What added to the heightened measures is the recent terrorist attack in one of the passenger planes of Delta Airlines. With all these obstacles, is it still possible for a Filipino to come to the United States? Though there is no guarantee to successfully obtaining a visa, here's what I think to be helpful tips on what to prepare, what to expect and how to increase your chances of obtaining your visa if you follow or complete the points listed below. These are not new, these are not magic. These tips are what exactly each non-immigrant must possess or do.

1) Ties to Home Country: Under U.S. law, all applicants for nonimmigrant visas are viewed as intending immigrants until they can convince the consular officer that they are not. You must therefore be able to show that you have reasons for returning to your home country that are stronger than those for remaining in the United States. "Ties" to your home country are the things that bind you to your hometown, homeland, or current place of residence: job, family, financial prospects that you own or will inherit, investments, etc. If you are a prospective undergraduate, the interviewing officer may ask you about your specific intentions or promise of future employment, family or other relationships, educational objectives, grades, long-range plans, and career prospects in your home country. Each person's situation is different, of course, and there is no magic explanation or single document, certificate, or letter which can guarantee visa issuance.

2) English: Anticipate that the interview will be conducted in English and not in your native language. One suggestion is to practice English conversation with a native speaker before the interview. If you are coming to the United States solely to study intensive English, be prepared to explain how English will be useful for you in your home country.

3) Speak for Yourself: Do not bring parents or family members with you to the interview. The consular officer wants to interview you, not your family. A negative impression is created if you are not prepared to speak on your own behalf. If you are a minor applying for a high school program and need your parents there in case there are questions, for example, about funding, they should wait in the waiting room.

4) Know the Program and How it Fits Your Career Plans: If you are not able to articulate the reasons you will study in a particular program in the United States, you may not succeed in convincing the consular officer that you are indeed planning to study, rather than to immigrate. You should also be able to explain how studying in the United States relates to your future professional career when you return home.

5) Be Concise: Because of the volume of applications received, all consular officers are under considerable time pressure to conduct a quick and efficient interview. They must make a decision, for the most part, on the impressions they form during the first minute or two of the interview. Consequently, what you say first and the initial impression you create are critical to your success. Keep your answers to the officer's questions short and to the point.

6) Supplemental Documentation: It should be clear at a glance to the consular officer what written documents you are presenting and what they signify. Lengthy written explanations cannot be quickly read or evaluated. Remember that you will have 2-3 minutes of interview time, if you're lucky.

7) Not All Countries are Equal: Applicants from countries suffering economic problems or from countries where many students have remained in the United States as immigrants will have more difficulty getting visas. Statistically, applicants from those countries are more likely to be intending immigrants. They are also more likely to be asked about job opportunities at home after their study in the United States.

8) Employment: Your main purpose of coming to the United States should be to study, not for the chance to work before or after graduation. While many students do work off-campus during their studies, such employment is incidental to their main purpose of completing their US education. You must be able to clearly articulate your plan to return home at the end of your program. If your spouse is also applying for an accompanying F-2 visa, be aware that F-2 dependents cannot, under any circumstances, be employed in the United States. If asked, be prepared to address what your spouse intends to do with his or her time while in the United States. Volunteer work and attending school part-time are permitted activities.

9) Dependents Remaining at Home: If your spouse and children are remaining behind in your country, be prepared to address how they will support themselves in your absence. This can be an especially tricky area if you are the primary source of income for your family. If the consular officer gains the impression that your family members will need you to remit money from the United States in order to support themselves, your student visa application will almost certainly be denied. If your family does decide to join you at a later time, it is helpful to have them apply at the same post where you applied for your visa.

10) Maintain a Positive Attitude: Do not engage the consular officer in an argument. If you are denied a student visa, ask the officer for a list of documents he or she would suggest you bring in order to overcome the refusal, and try to get the reason you were denied in writing

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Philippine Embassy Labor Office Issues Latest Warnings on Fake Online Job Offers

So you're currently looking for a caregiver, nanny or au pair opportunity in UK, USA, Canada, Australia or any other European countries? Beware of the many rampant scams online. Here are some of the sample fraud or fake job offers that only aim to get money out of the applicants.

Here are sample of scam emails, beware, they might have sent you one.

1. Jessica Jennifer (

Hello There,
Am Jessica jenifer from United State Of America,I saw your profile and i will want you to work for my family.My husband work in a Garment Industry and i spend most of my time at work.because i work for Government and me wife work as a Missionary so most of the time she travels out on London. We are looking for an aupair who could take care of our daughter Linda,She is 6 years old.She is funny and happy to please.She likes going out,do arts and crafts. Our house is approx 2 miles from good language school so if there is need for you to attend a language course,All i need from you is trust and honesty because i will not be at home with the her and she will be with you due to my work status,and for the fact that i travel a lot,i will not be at home to stay with them and as you know it there are a lot of achievement in USA and you will be treated as part of my family from the minute you arrive. Our family is a little hectic at times but fun loving and energetic.Our house is 30 minutes drive away from the America International airport.You will have access to the internet and a television and dvd in your room. you will have your own double room with en suite shower facilities,you will have a car should in case you want to take the children out,that is if you know how to drive.I would expect you to work for 6hrs per day Mon-Fri, weekends you can be off you can start doing some other things here in USA.Our kid will be in school Mon-Fri from 8:00 until 12. you are to take care of her Monday to Friday from 7 am when she wake up, until she leave for school, around 8:15 am, then again from 2:30 until 7 pm or so and from 7 am until 6 pm on Saturday with a two hour break during the day or a half day on Sunday occasionally.We require a night out each week and schedule your hours so that we can. You never work more than 40 hours a week, unless we compensate you.Your duties for the children would be to get them up in the mornings, get the children ready for school, prepare snacks, play with them, help with their meals, as well as bedtime rituals such as bath.i want someone who will be a part of the family. I will be paying you $900 per week.As soon as you've arrive the airport my driver shall come for your pickup.We have our own agency who can help you to get al your document and we don't want you to contact any agency accept our family agency,We looking for an serious person that can take good care of our daughter Linda.

Here's my home address:14640 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA,90049.We are looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and having you become a part of our happy family.

I will be waiting for your reply very soonest

Best Regards.

After you respond, here's another email that they would send. Notice that they don't address you with your name. It's too general and would automatically refer you to their travel agency.

Thanks for your response and i quite understand your plight. I want you to know that i need an au pair as fast as possible so i would be glad to know if you are available to start the Job on or before 1st of Feb 2010... About your Flight Ticket, I have an agency which can help you in getting your Flight Ticket quick and even at a reasonable cost. Here is the agency email address: you should contact them to request from them the total cost of your Visa and Flight Ticket needed to come to USA.

I would be glad to know the agency feedback in order to know the total cost of your Flight Ticket. I want you to know that i couldn't pay all the expenses for you due to my past experience (i paid all the expenses and when the au pair got her visa and Flight Ticket, she never turn up to take care of my kids).I'm willing to pay half of the expenses and you will pay half of the total cost as well..

Please note that i wouldn't welcome the idea of you saying that i should pay all the expenses and I will get pay back on salary deduction when you arrive. I need a serious minded person who is really willing to take care of kids so you should be prepared to pay your own part (which is your commitment to confirm to me that you are really serious).
I will be expecting your response to inform me about the agency feedback so we could start the processing at once.I will send my family picture to you as soon as you contact the agency. You are the one to decide how long you are willing to stay with my family.Not having a driver license is not a problem..

Best Regards,

Hello Aupair,
My name is Frank Joe 39 Years Old & Why my Wife Name is Evon joe,Will
are a Happy family with 3 children currently named sarah, tom and
petter boy will live in United State Of America (1225 Jenkins Avenue,
Norman, Ok, 73019
US)We are an easy going fun family with a fairly hectic lifestyle! Me
and my Wife work full time and the children have a full set of
activities they enjoy. Will have a very loving family & will welcome
the right candidate & make them feel very welcome in our house. Will
are seeking an Au Pair who is honest, reliable, kind & considerate,
but am happy to provide & pay for an English course for the successful
applicant! Will are looking for someone to join our family and help
take some of the day pressure off me so that we can all enjoy the good
things of family life. As a family we enjoy barbecue (weather
permitting), socializing, generally having fun, reading, computers,
TV, the boys love computer games. Food is another great love of ours -
given the time I enjoy cooking. We are practicing Catholics but accept
and respect others beliefs,Care for 3 children (2yr old,4 yr old & 6
yr old) from 7 am - school at 8:45. Walk the children to school and
pick them up again at 3:15. care for the children from 3:15 - approx
6:30 including feeding them we will like to pay you 2000 Dollars
everymonth end for salaries and 1000$ for your pocket fees every week
end. Additionally take them to various after school activities -
ballet, tap, jujitsu, brownies etc. 2 eves a week babysitting
(average) occasional overnight care of the children when I have to
travel for work. We have two beautiful children boys Bill and Scott
boy, and I currently work three different medical clinics and i`m
going to use an aupair to help me with our children i have them 20
days a month all day every day during the week, mostly we play, swim,
go to beach house, collect shells, library, fishing, movies, and just
kids stuff. We want someone who will not mind going swimming with
them. Mostly I want a good loving person for them because they are my
angles an i love them dearly. They will both be in private school this
year and I will need help during the week after school, on trips while
school is out and summer time. will need you to have a valid usa Visa
and working permit and able to swim. I'll give you a car to use for
the little ones and when you have your days off. I'll pay for all of
vehicle expenses and gas. No worries just have fun with the little
ones. I wish for you to come into my little angles lifes and give them
the love and attention that they both deserve. I love them big as the
sky and they love me as big as the sky, and i hope you`ll show them
your love as big as the sky.Care for the children in school holidays.
Light housework - mainly keeping the kitchen and living room clutter
free ! If you feel you could be happy in our family please let me
know. Please we like the suitable applicant to start anytime for now,
& preferably stay for between 6-12 months.i hope to hear from you
soon.with your phone number and i like you to contact me back with
your country's name........................................
Best of Regards,
kindly contact me back immediately you get this mail

3. Anne Smith (
We are presently in UK and looking for someone to get the children
ready in the morning,
prepare and clear up the family's breakfast, make the beds, and take
the children to school, which is about a 1.5km walk away. The Au pair
would then need to pick them up at 3.20 and look after them until we
get home. We will ask the Nursing assistance/Au pair to babysit 1-2
evenings a week. We
have a really great cleaner, so there wouldn't be any heavy housework.
There is a bit of light cleaning and laundry which would take about 90
minutes a day in total.There would be plenty of time free in the day
to go to language school, and there are a lot of good ones in the
How does the Nursing assistance/Au pair live:The Nursing
assistance/Au pair would have her own room, which is
huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/Hi fi.
There is wireless broadband internet in the house.Working hours:07.30
to 09.00 and 1520 to 1930Plus about 60-90 minutes of housework a day
to fit in with the Au pair's schedule.
25-30 hours a week
I will like you to know that i will be paying you 1400 POUND for every
four weeks and a pocket money of 300POUND per week for the buying of
some things for your self and i will also be responsible for some of
the funds for your traveling documents.
send your resume to

4. Allen Dave (
Am Allen Dave from London (United Kingdom).and I am 48 year old.I work in a garment industry and i spend most of my time at work and my wife work as a missionary so most of the time she travels out on London.Am looking for an aupair who could take care of our two lovely kids Peter and Maria age 4 and 6.They both attend school.

We would love you to be a part of our very happy family. We would love you to settle into our home and help me out with the children. We live in a beautiful area, in our new house with lots of walks around us. We are only minutes from the town so you get the best of both worlds. There are lots of groups/clubs around us that you could join, and aupairs in the area also who will be a good support to you. You would have your own car and weekends off. Our house is new. You will have your own newly decorated bedroom, bathroom, living room, tv, free internet access, own entrance if you wish. Its a large house so you would have your privsacy but are also free to join us at any time. Its up to you really. As i said before we are pretty easygoing. If you had an interest in horses that would be helpful. Mostly so my wife doesn't bor you :-We also have 3 dogs - 2 labradors and a St Bernard, they are beautiful and really gentle.. You would not need to help out with the animals at all but its just good to know that you wouldn't be afraid of them. Basically we love our life, we would like you to be a part of it.

Your working house will be a maximum of 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day with 1½ or 2 full days off per week.So that you can have time for yourself to do all other things here in London.You will have one weeks holiday pay after six months, and two weeks after a year. Also there is a good language school around us so if there is need for you to attend a language class just let us know so that we can make an arrangement for you.

Your salary will be paid per week so you net pocket money will be 350GBP weekly.You will have to eat with us because We don't want to have a Nanny, we want to have a big sister and a little help for the mother and a lot of fun all together.

We are expecting our aupair to take good care of the kids.You will have to take them to school and bring them back.Help them with some of there home work.So your primary duties will revolve around the children.You will be expected to do some light housework e.g,keep the children rooms clean,vacuum,wash dushes.e.t.c .

We would expect you to start working with us as soon as you can so if we sound like your kind of family then all what you just have to do now is to contact this traveling agent via there email address they will be the one who will help you with all your traveling document.I expect your response for me to know if you are interested in working with us.You can call me on this line +447031938769

Allen Dave
SE28 8NS

Advisory: Philippine Embassy Labor Office Issues Latest Warnings on Fake Online Job Offers
22 January 2010

Filipino online jobseekers looking for employment in the UK are advised to be more cautious in view of the rampant cases of bogus internet job offers. They should be wary of attractive jobs offered by the employers or their agents who would ask them to remit a certain amount of money purportedly to pay for the processing of their visas or work permits and other travel-related expenses.

The Philippine Embassy in London, through the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO), urges all Filipino jobseekers to be more discerning as these internet job offers come in various schemes to defraud them of their hard-earned money. Among the UK jobs which have been offered to Filipino applicants lately include positions like Nannies, Au Pair, Hotel staff, Store Manager, Salesmen, Engineers, and many others.

The following information/advisory should serve as guide to UK-bound Filipino jobseekers:

1. Filipino jobseekers who have been ‘offered’ positions through the internet should advise their prospective UK employers to submit the original copies of their employment documents to the POLO Office, Philippine Embassy in London for verification and authentication. For their part, they should not rely on scanned documents sent to them by emails such as employment contract, appointment letters and the like, as most of these are found to be forged or fabricated;

2. To ascertain the authenticity of the job orders, employment contracts as well as the legitimacy of UK employers, Filipino jobseekers are advised to check with the POEA. They may also send their email-request for verification by POLO London at; It is not enough to know if the employers really exist or that the jobs are available. Filipino jobseekers should also verify for themselves by using internet search engines like ‘Google’ in contacting the UK employers directly through their official websites;

3. Job offers requiring them to pay or remit money are potentially suspicious. The charging of fees against candidates including the payment for visa and ‘work permit’ expenses are generally prohibited under the current UK employment regulation;

4.The new UK Points-Based Immigration System has done away with the requirement of the old ‘work permit’ which is now replaced by the ‘certificate of sponsorship’. To be able to issue a certificate of sponsorship in favor of a candidate or applicant, the prospective UK employer should be duly licensed as a sponsor by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Filipino jobseekers should verify the status of their prospective employers in the list of sponsors which can be found at the UKBA website: The payment for the certificate of sponsorship is also shouldered by the UK employer;

5.Application for UK visa is done in the country of origin, i.e., at the British Embassy in Manila, and not in the UK. Visas are issued based on the points criteria for qualifications, prospective earnings, maintenance funds and English language proficiency. Since the visas are applied at, and issued by the British Embassy in Manila, applicants should not give credence to the scanned copies of visas purportedly applied in their behalf by their employer’s agents, including immigration consultants, solicitors or travel agents;

6. As regards hiring of Au Pair, it is advised that no Au Pair visas will be issued by the British Embassy to Filipino nationals since the Philippines had never been included in the UK’s list of Au Pair countries. Incidentally, the Au Pair visa scheme had already been abolished effective last 26 November 2008 and has been replaced by the Youth Mobility Scheme under the new UK Points-Based System;

7. As to the hiring of Nannies or domestic workers, it is an important requirement for purposes of domestic worker visa application that the candidate must have worked with the sponsoring employer for at least one (1) year prior to the date of application. Hence, to qualify to come to the UK to work as a Nanny or domestic worker, the Filipino applicant must be an established member of the employer’s household. The visa is also applied at the British Embassy in Manila.

For further clarifications or inquiry, please contact POLO London (Labor Office), Philippine Embassy, at Tel.: 0044 (0)20-7451-1833 (32) or email at