Thank God I'm Filipino

I often hear the expression, "TGIF" every Friday when people say "Thank God it's Friday". Today I've learned another version of it in the noontime show, "Showtime" when a group of contestants wore a t-shirt with the logo: "Thank God I'm Filipino".

I always admire the wonderful places in Europe and US that I barely appreciate the many wonderful places that many tourists are drooling over. I have been so focused with what I lack that I fail to appreciate what the Lord has abundantly given me. I failed to notice that I have a great mom that has always been supporting me in all my decisions. Not everyone gets so lucky to have someone like her. I always dream about living in other countries because the people there all look so happy--or at least they do, in pictures. I envy that they need to wear layers of clothes during the winter season. I envy that they've got the latest gadgets. You see, I've been so much focused on the things I lacked that I barely got the time to appreciate what's right in front of me.

Today, one of the judges of the noontime show of ABS-CBN, "Showtime", Vice Ganda, made me truly appreciate who I am, what I have and forget about the many things that I still lack. One group of contestants that danced has one member that has a disability (oh, Vice Ganda wouldn't want anyone to call it that way but I gotta say it for the sake of clarity of the story). One member, his name is Berto, talked in their VTR about his hope that by the name his daughter would grow up and see him dance in the said show, she'd be proud of him even if he has disability. When it was time for Vice Ganda to give his feedback, what he said really got me. He told Berto that he shouldn't consider himself someone with disability because having really short legs is what made him distinctive and stand out from the crowd. He continued that he understand how people might judge Berto because of his situation just as people judge him because he's gay. However, he said that people need to look beyond what they see and discover the best in every person.

Vice Ganda has helped me understand, accept and appreciate everyone's uniqueness. We are all unique, just as everyone else. He also made me appreciate my nationality more because we're the only country that easily decides to rise every time we fall. Like there's no better decision but to rise and keep on fighting. I thank God that I'm a Filipino because even if we lack the fancy things that other countries may have, we're lucky to have the kind of bond and happiness that only Filipinos could make each other feel. In addition, if you can't have the things you love, love the things you have. By doing so, this life would be a much better.

Now I really Thank God I'm Filipino.

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