Celebrities Reply on Twitter

You must have been living under the rocks if you haven't heard what Twitter is! Well it's a micro-blogging site wherein users could share with the world in real-time about what their activities are by simply answering the question: "What are you doing?"

Recently I've got so addicted with the said site because most of the people I admire are there updating and guess what--some of them have actually replied to my tweets! You've read it right, some of them reply to your tweets too!

Tifanny Alvord, a rising star from YouTube is so amicable as she replies to all her fans. She's an awesome singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter. Her song, Possibility is my favorite.
Check her out and you'll surely love this amazing singer.

Another cool dude I found on Twitter was Larry Gadea. He's an infrastructure engineer in Twitter.

I've compiled a list of celebrities on Twitter. Feel free to follow them and send some tweet, we never know, they might tweet back! Happy tweeting! Follow me on Twitter too!

These are verified accounts do either them or their representatives update it for them.

List of International Celebrities Twitter Accounts

Alright those are just some of the celebrities that use Twitter. Follow me and I'll let you know about the others!

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