Rules or Happiness?

Hi everyone! Jonha Ducayag Revesencio here or aka jonharules, jonhar or simply Jonha to my Church mates. I'm super excited to start this blog because I will be posting my adventures and pure bliss here such as my happy thoughts, happy trips and other lovely experiences in this blog. I have other blogs that I maintain daily but this is what I will consider to be my regular tambayan (haven) as here will I rave and share about my daily activities, lessons I learned for the day or just about anything that makes me happy. Expect uplifting and exciting stories as I will make sure everything that I will post will have a HAPPY theme.

What's with the name?

JonHa with an H please. Many people even those who've known me for quite a while tend to mispell my name with variations such as Jona, Jonah or worse, Juna! Oh c'mon please don't brutally murder my name! It's the sole wealth I've got in thiss world.

How did I come up with such a URL?

I love my name, I want people to know me that I am happy with my name even if it looks a little different. I love being unique and proud with my name. So one day I was amidst my emotional mode when I updated my Facebook status with, "Rules or Happiness?" Friends responded voting for the latter thinking I was asking about what should I prioritize: Follow the Rules or My Happiness. They all wanted me to listen to my heart and listen to what will make me happy for once as they know me who always follow the rules. Well little did they realize that I was also thinking whether or not to purse another blog. I decided to name it jonHAppiness to emphasize the H in my name and a blog wherein I would not be restricted as to what I will write because of niche prototyping or because my other blogs are way too specific. Here I could blurb and talk about the things I love, the things that make me happy and just about anything virtuous, lovely and praise worthy (Articles of Faith 13)

What will I be posting?

Expect me to post just about everything that makes me happy or other people, anything that is lovely and praise worthy. Here I will record my traveling experiences, post photos during those adventures and comment on the places that I've been to, the people and other interesting facts about the said place.

Other Blogs

I Power Blogger! I love to blog a lot so feel to free to check out my other blogs for the meantime while I am trying to sort my files as to what o share to you. Have fun reading them and comment on them too!

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So for the meantime feel free to check out those links to learn more about me and get ready as I travel because I will be posting many JonHAppiness moments in this blog!

Rules or Happiness? Both!


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