Happy Moments with Friends in Park Regency

Happiness in My First Swimming Lesson

More than a year ago, me and my friends in my former team with Callbox and our former team leaders, Crystal Mae Den Rico, went to Park Regency for our team building. Team buildings are held by most teams in almost every departments and its frequency varies from every department and teams. The team was composed of about 10 agents from Team Consulting namely, Ng Beverly Alimo-ot, Graziela Tanaleon, Luna Cielo Yniesta, Amy Santiago, Vincent Cyrus Puro, Mary Jane Cabrera, Chona and Shane (I'm so sorry I already forgot your last names, I still love and miss you though..haha). I think that was the first complete team building I've ever been and that was the first time that I felt happy towards a company activity. I really appreciate those moments. Until now everytime I remininisce the past and if I would have to choose among the team buildings that I've attended that I felt good and started to feel being a part of a team and cared about, that was it. It was probably the first time that I enjoyed the team building and I will always cherish the start of my trust to my teammates and co-workers.

If I would have to pick one team building that would top my jonHappiness moments in my team building activities, it would be the team building with Team Crystal or Team Consulting. Those were probably the moments I would forever thank God that I'm alive. Later on that year there were some conflicts and issues but just as I've learned in life, I will never let any single poor choice or conflict drown all the good memories me and these people shared. If one our friend or someone we care about has committed something that we don't like, we should not forget all the good times we've had with that person because after all, there had been many times that he has made you smile, laugh and feel that life is still filled with real people that cares and could contribute and enhance your happiness.

Since Crystal's aunt was once of the dealers of the housing units, we were allowed to book and able to use the pool from around eight o'clock in the morning until around three in the afternoon. Though me and MJ don't know how to swim at that time, we enjoyed the swimming pool because our teammates were so supportive with our efforts to learn..haha.

Mary Jane's boyfriend, Tim as well as Cielo's girlfriend, Jamjam were also there to enjoy the moment with us.

Place Review
Park Regency is a real estate development company that sells club houses located at Ungka II, Pavia, Iloilo. The place was a little far from the downtown but that's what made it a little special because it would save you from the traffic, polluted and busy life in the central part of Iloilo City. Well, its residents don't have to worry because there's a shuttle service that will bring you to the main country clubhouse. It is complete with ameninities and facilities which include the swimming pool where we swam till we drop, children's playground, main clubhouse with function rooms and concessionaire, covered courts which can be utilized for basketball, volleyball, badminton, gym with shower area.

Below are just some of the pictures that were taken during our team building in Park Regency.



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