Signing Up for Paypal Account

People nowadays are looking for every possible ways to make money online. Aside from the traditional jobs in the office, people are now blogging for passive income or some have online jobs such as virtual assistants, medical transcriptionists, graphic designers, technical supports, telemarketers and many other careers that utilizes the internet as a medium of communication.

So you're about to be paid by your boss through Paypal, how would you be able to withdraw it? It's so easy and simple.

1. Sign up for a Paypal account. It basically requires the basic information like your name, e-mail address (be sure that it's not the one that's always hacked as this is what you'll provide to your clients later on), street address and the likes. Once the sign up is successful, you will receive an email from Paypal which will prompt you to confirm the registration. Voila! You are now eligible to be paid through Paypal. You simply need to give the e-mail address that you signed up the account with to your boss or any other income opportunities that you have. I've successfully cashed out from SponsoredTweets tweeting only the things I like so it's really possible people!

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Linking your Paypal with EON card or BDO Debit Card

Now that you have a Paypal account, how would you withdraw your earnings? For Filipinos, there are two possible ways for you to do this--EON by Union Bank or your regular ATM, Debit Card or Credit Card with BDO. To link your your cards, you need to click on the link which says, "Get Verified" once you signed in to your paypal account. You have the options to get verified through Visa or Mastercard credit cards or through your debit card from either BDO or Unionbank.

1. Unionbank. Open an EON card account to the nearest Unionbank branch. Just like any other account requirements, you will need the following or not limited to:

a. 2 pcs 1x1 or 2x2 latest ID pictures
b. 2 valid ID's (which includes but not limited to)
TIN, SSS, passport, PRC license or documents with your signature like your GSIS, NBI clearance, School ID, Senior Citizen, Postal ID)

You will then fill up an application form for EON card usually in the new accounts section. Depending on the branch, you will have to wait for a couple of weeks before the card is released and that's when you'll be required to pay the card fee of P350.00

How to link your Union EON Card with Paypal account?

2. Sign in to your Paypal account and go to the "Get Verified" link. You will then be prompted to enter your credit card number. For credit cards, you need to have at least one transaction so you can get the confirmation code aside from your 16 digits credit card number. The same thing with your EON card. Before linking, you need to have on transaction or deposit at least Php 100.00 in your EON card account. In order to get the extended four-digit code, call your local Unionbank representative as they have the record of all your transactions.

Similar process is done when you're doing to link it with your Banco de Or ATM or debit card. You will be prompted to enter your card number and so forth.

Once you link your card with your Paypal account and get verified, Paypal will deduct $1.98 from your account balance for verification purposes which the will reimburse to your account balance once it's verified. That's it, once you link your debit or credit cards with your Paypal account, you can now withdraw from your local bank. The money is automatically converted to your local currency. Usually a $5.00 is deducted for Php 6,999.00.

If you'd like to withdraw the amount with no charge, you can choose the option of withdrawing it your local bank account. You will need to provide them with your account number and Bank code, which is provided below.

Official List of PayPal Philippines Bank Codes
Bank NameBank Code
BANK OF CHINA011140014
BANK OF TOKYO010460012
CITIBANK N.A.010070017
FUJI BANK010640010

8 Invites for Others to Join Google Wave

So you've heard of the latest craze--Google Wave. Are you on board? If not, then this is where your search or worry ends! I got 8 invites to share as waving alone would be the most lonely thing on Earth to do.

Alright, here's what I want you to do. Follow me on Twitter, tweet me with your address and will send the invite to the person who retweets it the most. Also, feel free to leave your comment of your email details here.

For the meantime, hope you enjoy this Party in the USA Parody I made for Google Wave entitled: Party in the Google Wave:

Party in the Google Wave

I woke up and opened my inBOX
With a hope just like everyone
Welcome to the world of geekiness
Am I gonna get in?

Jumped in surprise
Guess it's for real this time
Looked to the left and saw the Google Wave sign
So this is all the
Everybody seems so anxious

My fingers moved on its own with a few clicks
Too fast waves and I'm anxious
That's when Google Wave admin said hello
And I started waving on
And I started waving on
And I started waving on

So I clicked on a new wave
They're replying to it
And I can't just get away
Tweetin' through it like yea
Bloggin through it like yea
I got my bots up
We're playing like freak
I know it's gonna be ok
Yea(hehe) it's
party in the Google Wave
Yea(hehe) it's party in the Google Wave

Got bored so went to public
Everybody's lookin at me now
Like who's this chick joining this topic
She's gotta be from out of

So hard with my friends not around me
I couldn't just wave with Bloggy
Coz all I see are weirdos
I guess I never got the memo

Been looking around like freak
Where are my friends I'm anxious
That's when the Doctor Wave dropped me a line
Your friends can now wave on
Your friends can now wave on
Your friends can now wave on

Felt like this will be a good night
Could finally send em an invite
Now we'd have some good time
Let my friends join and it'll be alright

So I called em up
Hoping we'd play
Explore the various games today
Lookin at maps like yea
Blogging on wave like yea
I got my friends now
We'd be waving along
It's good to talk this way
Yea(hehe) it's party in the Google Wave
Yea(hehe) it's party in the Google Wave

So I clicked on a new wave
They're replying to it
Then we'd get some various games to play
Waving with friends like yea
Playin with friends like yea
I've got some bots up
We're playing like freak
Communicating this way
Yea(hehe) it's party in the Google Wave
Yea(hehe) it's party in the Google Wave

Got Invited to Preview Sponzai

It's funny how the Google Wave has been a trending topic in Twitter lately for several days. People get too excited to see the "You have been invited to preview the Google Wave". I've been through that exciting stage and got bored with how overrated Google Wave was.

Today I got a message from Sponzai, a sister company of Izea, the place where I get my sponsor for my blogs. The subject was relatively similar to the Google Invite. It says, "You have been invited to Preview Sponzai". Ah that's cool, isn't it?

So guys, expect more sponsored posts here and on my other blogs later on! (LOL that's the code I need to post on my blog to verify that it's really mine) :)

Just Got My Google Wave Invite!

I've been wishing for several days now to get a Google Wave invite and guess what? I got one today! Tried it for several minutes as I've been so eager to have it and its a little buggy at the moment. There are shortcuts and several ways of doing things which makes it something really big. For example, you can reply to a Wave by simply hitting it then click on "Reply" or use the traditional "Reply" button. There are still a lot of explorations to do as this platform seems to have a lot of potentials.

Celebrities Reply on Twitter

You must have been living under the rocks if you haven't heard what Twitter is! Well it's a micro-blogging site wherein users could share with the world in real-time about what their activities are by simply answering the question: "What are you doing?"

Recently I've got so addicted with the said site because most of the people I admire are there updating and guess what--some of them have actually replied to my tweets! You've read it right, some of them reply to your tweets too!

Tifanny Alvord, a rising star from YouTube is so amicable as she replies to all her fans. She's an awesome singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter. Her song, Possibility is my favorite.
Check her out and you'll surely love this amazing singer.

Another cool dude I found on Twitter was Larry Gadea. He's an infrastructure engineer in Twitter.

I've compiled a list of celebrities on Twitter. Feel free to follow them and send some tweet, we never know, they might tweet back! Happy tweeting! Follow me on Twitter too!

These are verified accounts do either them or their representatives update it for them.

List of International Celebrities Twitter Accounts

Alright those are just some of the celebrities that use Twitter. Follow me and I'll let you know about the others!

Google Chrome Has Themes Too!

I've been a Firefox fan for quite a long time since I joined Callbox because of its themes and add-ons features. These add-ons enhance my browsing experience and these customizations of the elements that helps me improve my multi-tasking has helped Firefox gain my trust and patronage.

However, when I discovered the simplicity and efficiency of Google Chrome, I have been an avid user of it and can't stop raving about its improvements and how faster my browsing experience has become. I'm glad to see that there are themes customization too.

I love this Grass theme. The transition was so quick and exciting. All Google Chrome users should try customizing their themes and get a more exciting and meaningful browsing.

To change the theme, click on the Google Chrome Options button which is located on the upper right portion of your browser or the screw driver button. Click on the Options then go to the Personal Stuff tab, then look for the Themes. You will then be directed to various types of options to choose from. Choose among the various options and click on Apply Theme. Voila, you've got a nicer looking browser in no time!

5 Reasons Why I Love The New Google Chrome Layout

So here's what the guys at Google have been doing lately? I was surprised when I opened a new browser and voila! My Google Chrome has a new layout. Everybody seems to be making things simpler and better lately. I love it!

5 Reasons Why I Love Google Chrome:

1. It's basically SIMPLE. Everybody loves a browser that is fast, simple and easy to navigate.
2. The layout isn't too complicated. Yeah, boils down to simplicity
3. Did I mention it's fast? I love Firefox but I love Chrome better!
4. Simple
5. Simple

Well simply said it's simple, fast and simply lovely!

Koobface Facebook Virus Defeated

Yesterday as I was opening my mail in Facebook, I received a message from a friend which contains a video. This friend became a friend of mine because we both were members of a MLM group. When I opened the video, it says my Flash Player is not updated hence I couldn't view the said video. When I clicked on the video, it prompted me to update my Flash Player and so I downloaded the program. I was shocked when it downloaded so fast and when I opened it, it did not respond.
Video with Virus in Facebook!

Copy of the message that I got from my friend from Facebook. It says it contains a "Cool Video". Cool indeed, it had me typing the captcha phrase over and over again after every 5 minutes!

Minutes later, my monitor dimmed and a pop-up box prompted me to type in the catcha phrase. If I don't my computer monitor will not be restored to its normal mode or worse, since it has a timer of 2 minutes, it will shut down my system. So what I did was type in the phrase and click on "OK". You see, it has no other options! No "x", no "Cancel" just "OK.

Virus Attack!

This catcha phrase bar keeps on popping-up every after 5 minutes after I downloaded the file which claims to upgrade my Flash Player. I had to type the phrase on the box or my computer will remain in darkness.

Another screenshot of the virus that wants me to enter the catcha phrase or it would continually dim my monitor

I thought that was the end of it, every after 5 minutes, the pop-up box would appear after freezing my applications and work for about 2 seconds then it dims my monitor then I need to type another set of catcha phrase. And so the malicious programs continued to disturbe me from what I'm doing until this early today.

I thought of reformatting my drive C: since all my Downloaded programs from the internet were stored there. But then I remembered that I have an anti-virus in place. I ran the avast! Home edition and waited. It scan the whole drives including my Recyle Bin, C: and D:

It tooks several minutes before it says there was a virus detected and unlike most cases, it does not have an option of "Repair" or "Move to Chest". So, that was it? It detected there was a virus in my system without even offering help on how to prevent it from destroying, duplicating or whatever its purposes on my files. While I was doing the scan, the pop-up was invincible. It keeps on bugging me over and over again.

When I was trying to install the Norton AntiVirus, I had to retry the installation because I think the malicious software was preventing it. As powerful as most people say Norton is, it persisted and I was able to install the trial version of it. So when I run the scan disk and set all the protection settings, I saw the viruses and trojan horses that Meagan have been enduring. Good thing about Norton was it really fights all these viruses and prevents them from harming further.

Norton AntiVirus Scan Result

Here's a screenshot of the viruses and Trojan horses that has infected my computer. Take note that Norton AntiVirus was able to defeat them all. Now, I can work without the distraction from the pop-up catcha phrase!

So Facebook users, beware of viruses being spread in the said social networking media by people who wish to maim the said site or its users. These viruses can be spread through the third-party applications aka games that you always love to play, photos, videos, or even messages from those you thought your "friends" sent. These viruses were of course, sent without their knowledge.

I kept on searching and even asking friends what AntiVirus to install since avast! didn't do its homework. Then a friend told me that Norton sure to work! I've read about it in Wikipedia, blogs and forums and decided to give it a try. Well I said if it won't work, I will just reformat Meagan. Guess what? I gotta say hands down to the newest Norton AntiVirus! It sure delivers what it promises and be able to defeat the Facebook viruses and many others. If you'd like to download the 15-day trial version of it, go here.

Characteristics of the Facebook Video Virus:

1. It freezes your applications for a few seconds then a box with catcha phrase will appear. It requires you to type in the phrase that you will see in the box. Note though what I noticed was even if the catcha phrase was (e.g Facebook 101), I tried entering just F(space) 1, it accepted it. When I typed just F, it says "Wrong Catcha!"

2. It appears after every 5 minutes. The cycle repeats and expect the virus to appear after every 5 minutes. Imagine what a disturbance would it give!

Those are just the attributes or characteristics that I've observed in this virus. Norton considers it severity as High because fewer than 100 users have used this file.

Lessons Learned

1. Do not trust every single software or program that you can "freely" download. They may turn out to be malicious programs, password stealer, spyware or any program that may harm your computer.

2. Scan the files, disks or websites that you're about to open, download, or visit using your anti-virus program. I've tried using avast! and AVG before but they're not as powerful as Norton.

3. Next time you open or click on something, think AGAIN! Remember, many attacks are pinpointed to social networking sites, so be careful! Attackers areso cunning that they use the social networking site's messaging system to send you a message and make it appear as if from someone you know like brother, mother, or anyone you'd trust and open the link. Do not trust anything right away and don't blame it to the site.

4. Don't panick, install a much better antivirus program if your old one does not seem to combat the attacks.

Update: I've just learned that this virus has been around for quite sometime. It's called Koobface because it's made to attack Facebook users due to its high volume of users. Virus developers use it to obtain vital financial information from you.

Happy Moments with Friends in Park Regency

Happiness in My First Swimming Lesson

More than a year ago, me and my friends in my former team with Callbox and our former team leaders, Crystal Mae Den Rico, went to Park Regency for our team building. Team buildings are held by most teams in almost every departments and its frequency varies from every department and teams. The team was composed of about 10 agents from Team Consulting namely, Ng Beverly Alimo-ot, Graziela Tanaleon, Luna Cielo Yniesta, Amy Santiago, Vincent Cyrus Puro, Mary Jane Cabrera, Chona and Shane (I'm so sorry I already forgot your last names, I still love and miss you though..haha). I think that was the first complete team building I've ever been and that was the first time that I felt happy towards a company activity. I really appreciate those moments. Until now everytime I remininisce the past and if I would have to choose among the team buildings that I've attended that I felt good and started to feel being a part of a team and cared about, that was it. It was probably the first time that I enjoyed the team building and I will always cherish the start of my trust to my teammates and co-workers.

If I would have to pick one team building that would top my jonHappiness moments in my team building activities, it would be the team building with Team Crystal or Team Consulting. Those were probably the moments I would forever thank God that I'm alive. Later on that year there were some conflicts and issues but just as I've learned in life, I will never let any single poor choice or conflict drown all the good memories me and these people shared. If one our friend or someone we care about has committed something that we don't like, we should not forget all the good times we've had with that person because after all, there had been many times that he has made you smile, laugh and feel that life is still filled with real people that cares and could contribute and enhance your happiness.

Since Crystal's aunt was once of the dealers of the housing units, we were allowed to book and able to use the pool from around eight o'clock in the morning until around three in the afternoon. Though me and MJ don't know how to swim at that time, we enjoyed the swimming pool because our teammates were so supportive with our efforts to learn..haha.

Mary Jane's boyfriend, Tim as well as Cielo's girlfriend, Jamjam were also there to enjoy the moment with us.

Place Review
Park Regency is a real estate development company that sells club houses located at Ungka II, Pavia, Iloilo. The place was a little far from the downtown but that's what made it a little special because it would save you from the traffic, polluted and busy life in the central part of Iloilo City. Well, its residents don't have to worry because there's a shuttle service that will bring you to the main country clubhouse. It is complete with ameninities and facilities which include the swimming pool where we swam till we drop, children's playground, main clubhouse with function rooms and concessionaire, covered courts which can be utilized for basketball, volleyball, badminton, gym with shower area.

Below are just some of the pictures that were taken during our team building in Park Regency.


Twists in Sidney Sheldon's Best Laid Plans

Sidney Sheldon really knows how to capture a reader's full attention and be riveted to his books. He indeed is a mastermind of thriller fiction. The story started with a diary entry from the young, talented and beautiful Leslie Stewart about meeting the man she would marry. The opening entry was so intriguing that I kept reading. It was really exciting how they fell in love and I felt the sadness Leslie felt when Oliver Rusell left her a week before their scheduled wedding in his pursuit for his dream of becoming the governor of Kentucky. He eventually won with the help of Senator Todd Davis, his father-in-law.

Meanwhile, Leslie was so embarrassed with what happened that she decided to resign from her job where she and Oliver met. She then asked the help of Senator Davis to introduce her to a wealthy man who owns a newspaper publishing company that Leslie later married. She used all her wits in expanding her little newspaper empire into series of newspaper printing press, television stations and radio stations across the world.

Oliver Russell became the President of the United States and living his dream when one day Leslie Stewart started printing nasty news about him. Leslie was so consumed with her angst that she was so determined to destroy Oliver. There were several killings that linked Oliver due to his habit of giving his ladies liquid Ecstasy.

Dana Evanston is a talented and ambitious journalist who climbed her way to the top due to her sacrifices during her assignment in the most dangerous place in the world, Sarajevo. There she experienced how war could shatter the dreams of million children and leave a trace of fear in their hearts and beings. She's a tough woman who was never afraid of pursuing her dreams.

Leslie was so determined to destroy the President and prevent him from being elected for the second term. Using all her power supervised the Washington Post and even wrote the articles herself that degraded and even mangled the credibility of the President. The series of deaths of ladies that were linked to Oliver continued until the daughter of Governor Houston, Chloe Houston died of the overdose of the same dangerous substance, Liquid Ecstasy.

Me and Leslie thought and strongly believed that the President has got something to do with the killings. Later did I know that it was his assistant and campaign manager, a religous and family-centered man, Peter Tager, who was responsible for all the killings. He only masked his excessive libido with his image of a responsible and pious man when the truth is he was the man behind all the killings.

All the characters have their own best laid plans to accomplish their goals and the twist was really riveting.

My favorite characters are Leslie Stewart and Dana Evanston. They're both pretty attractive, talented and intelligent. Only that the former was so consumer with her desire for vengeance that she used all her powers to destroy Jeff Connor, her compassion for Kemal (a child from Sarajevo who lost his arm due to the war) and her success story. She climbed her way to the top and has the necessary attitude to stay there.

Here are just some of my favorite quotes from the said novel:

Leslie Stewart:
Three men came across a female genie who promised to grant each one their wish. The first man said, " I wish I were twenty-five percent smarter". The genie blinked, and the man said, "Hey, I feel smarter already". The second man said, " I wish I were fifty percent smarter". The genie blinked and the man exclaimed, "That's wonderful! I think I know things now that I didn't know before". The third man said, " I'd like to be one hundred percent smarter".

So the genie blinked and the man turned into a woman.

Oliver Russell:
The people who are running the country have turned it into an old boy's club. They care more about themselves than they do about the people. It's not right and I'm going to try and correct that.

Todd Davis:
Money doesn't care who owns it. A bum can win it in a lottery, a dunce can inherit it, or someone can get it by holding up a bank. But power that's something different. To have power is to own the world.

Dana Evanston:
If something can stop you, you might as well let it go.

The novel was really great, interesting and worth reading. I've learned so much that we need to control ourselves, bridle our passions as these could either make or break us.

Rules or Happiness?

Hi everyone! Jonha Ducayag Revesencio here or aka jonharules, jonhar or simply Jonha to my Church mates. I'm super excited to start this blog because I will be posting my adventures and pure bliss here such as my happy thoughts, happy trips and other lovely experiences in this blog. I have other blogs that I maintain daily but this is what I will consider to be my regular tambayan (haven) as here will I rave and share about my daily activities, lessons I learned for the day or just about anything that makes me happy. Expect uplifting and exciting stories as I will make sure everything that I will post will have a HAPPY theme.

What's with the name?

JonHa with an H please. Many people even those who've known me for quite a while tend to mispell my name with variations such as Jona, Jonah or worse, Juna! Oh c'mon please don't brutally murder my name! It's the sole wealth I've got in thiss world.

How did I come up with such a URL?

I love my name, I want people to know me that I am happy with my name even if it looks a little different. I love being unique and proud with my name. So one day I was amidst my emotional mode when I updated my Facebook status with, "Rules or Happiness?" Friends responded voting for the latter thinking I was asking about what should I prioritize: Follow the Rules or My Happiness. They all wanted me to listen to my heart and listen to what will make me happy for once as they know me who always follow the rules. Well little did they realize that I was also thinking whether or not to purse another blog. I decided to name it jonHAppiness to emphasize the H in my name and a blog wherein I would not be restricted as to what I will write because of niche prototyping or because my other blogs are way too specific. Here I could blurb and talk about the things I love, the things that make me happy and just about anything virtuous, lovely and praise worthy (Articles of Faith 13)

What will I be posting?

Expect me to post just about everything that makes me happy or other people, anything that is lovely and praise worthy. Here I will record my traveling experiences, post photos during those adventures and comment on the places that I've been to, the people and other interesting facts about the said place.

Other Blogs

I Power Blogger! I love to blog a lot so feel to free to check out my other blogs for the meantime while I am trying to sort my files as to what o share to you. Have fun reading them and comment on them too!

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So for the meantime feel free to check out those links to learn more about me and get ready as I travel because I will be posting many JonHAppiness moments in this blog!

Rules or Happiness? Both!